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Electronic potting services offered by MOKO support to use of a variety of materials such as silicone, polyurethane, epoxy and so on. It provides electronic components and circuit boards good protection from moisture, physical shock, chemicals and high temperature,etc.

We utilize state-of-the-art potting machines that can handle different types of fluids, making sure that we can meet our clients’ potting needs well.

Why Choosing MOKO for Electronic Potting?

10+ Years of Experience in Electronic Potting

Established in 2006, MOKO Technology has been offering the electronic potting services to our clients for over 10 years. And with the rich experience, we are confident to provide the best solution for our customers.

Electronic Potting Experts

Electronic potting has high requirements for manufacturers and engineers, as there are many aspects that should be considered to make the potting a success. The lack of knowledge and experience may cause the failure of the project. While the engineers and workers at MOKO are proficient and professional who know how to design the electronic potting solution and how to operate it correctly.

Various Materials Available

There are a variety of materials for electronic potting available at MOKO such as epoxy, silicone, urethane and acrylic, which means that we are capable of handling different projects with no difficulty, also it helps to eliminate the limit when designing the potting solutions and meet clients’ requirements better.

The First-class Facility

Over the years, MOKO has been constantly upgrading the potting machines that can perform the potting with high precision and uniform mixing of potting materials. On the other hand, the industry-leading equipment helps to improve the production efficiency so that we can offer the electronic potting services with a short turnaround time.

High Efficiency

We have experienced employees who can understand customers’ needs well and quickly, our scientific internal processes and the efficient communication with our clients help to promote the work progress and efficiency. MOKO Technology is 24/7 available to offer the best electronic potting services to our customers and set them apart from others.

The Electronics Potting Process

First, the electronic components or the circuit board would be placed into a pot and the liquid would be poured into it, which is mixed with resin and some hardener that can speed up the curing time of the liquid.
Then, it would take some time for the liquid to be a solid state, and when it solidifies, it can cover the electronic components perfectly and play a good role to protect the components from the unfavorable environments.
There are many considerations involved in a successful potting solution. On the one hand, the material should be chosen according to the application and the use environment, as different materials have their advantages and disadvantages. The common materials for electronic potting are epoxy, polyurethane, and silicone. The silicon and epoxy are suitable for the environment that is featured with high temperatures; while the urethane has better protection for the chemical corrosion. In addition, the metering of materials should be precise, and the mixing of the resin and hardener should be in the correct ratio. On the other hand, the bubble problem in potting should be avoided as well, which can make sure that the surface of the coating is smooth and even.

The Benefits of Electronic Potting

Electronic potting helps components and circuit boards to avoid the physical shock, moisture, high temperature and chemical corrosion to lengthen their lifespan. As we all know that electronics are composed of many components like diodes and sensors, and the damage of any of them may cause the failure of the whole device. These components can be effected easily in the circumstance of high heat, over moisture, etc, so it is of vital importance to protect each of them.
The potting technology is suitable for high-volume work, which has high production efficiency. In addition, it offers the reverse engineering protection as the resin used is in dark colors, which makes it difficult for other people to observe the underneath part and make reverse engineering.

Our Electronic Potting Cases

Electronic Potting Cases One
Electronic Potting Cases Two
Electronic Potting Cases Three

What is Electronic Potting?

Electronic potting is a technology to seal the electronic components within a thick layer of resin which provides strong protection against physical shock and chemical corrosion, in addition, this process will enhance the electrical performance. 
It is a technology that is used widely for different industries, taking the automobile industry as an example. There are many electronic parts and systems in a car, which are exposed to dust, moisture and extreme temperature. And potting plays the role to protect them so they can operate normally for a long time.

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