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The function and performance are much important for a product, but have you realized that the finishing services are the key if you want to enhance product competitiveness? Finishing service aim to improve the appearance of the product, such as doing some coating, painting or electroplating, so it looks more neat and eye-catching. Just imagine that showing a product sample with great function and nice finishing to your clients, wouldn’t it increase the willingness of customers to purchase?

There are many types of finishing services available, and it is vital for you to select the correct one. MOKO Technology provides a wide range of finishing services and our experts know how to custom a proper finishing service for your project. Contact us now to see how amazing finishing service we can offer to you!

Why Choose MOKO Technology for Finishing Services?

Rich Experience

MOKO Technology has been established in 2006, we have professional knowledge and rich experience in finishing services, which makes us confident to provide our customers with the best finishing services.

Fast Turnaround

There are more than 350 employees in MOKO Technology who are all professionally trained, they know how to work efficiently with their skillful operation of the machine and effective communication with clients, to make sure the fast turnaround times.

Trustworthy Partner

Currently, MOKO Technology has obtained certifications including ISO9001:2015, ISO14001, ISO13485, ROHS, BSCI, and UL, our factory and products are qualified to international standards. We put our clients into the priority, making sure our products and service can meet if not exceed their requirements.

Amazing Service

MOKO Technology is committed to offering the best customer services to our clients, our friendly and professional sales team is 24/7 available to offer the best solution and quick response to our customers.

Finishing Services Cases

Finishing Service Electronic product

Finishing Service Electronic product

chromate conversion coating

Chromate conversion coating

Assorted Parts

Assorted Parts

Finishing services for image asset

Finishing services for metal parts

Finishing Services for pcb modupulse

Finishing Services for PCB

Parts Main


The Benefits of Finishing Services

There are many benefits that finishing services can bring to you, below listed some key points:

1. The product can be used for a longer time if applying finishing services. Because the finishing services such as anodizing can make the surface of the product more wear resistant, on the other hand, it can reduce the friction of the surface, so the lifespan of such products is long.

2. Finishing services can add the market value of products, as they can beauty the surface with nice finishes. If the function of products are the same, then those that have prettier appearance would be more competitive in the market, right?

3. The cost of maintenance of products would be lower if applying the finishing services, they can keep products from some unfavorable environment such as moisture and other physical shocks, so the possibility of maintenance is lower accordingly.

Finishing Services at MOKO Technology

1. Anodizing

Widely used for metal finishing such as aluminum finishing, this technique is actually an electrochemical process that can convert the surface into a more corrosion-resistant and beautiful finish, it is good for heat dissipation as well. So the anodized products  support long-time use.‍

2. Polishing

This process can create a smooth and shiny surface by friction or using chemical methods to make the whole product look brand-new and touch good.

3. Electroplating

It can reduce the dissolved metal cations by using electric current, so a thin coherent metal coating can be formed on an electrode. The electroplated products have a surface with more strength and they have good performance of thermal and chemical resistance. The electroplated colors are not easy to deform and can last for a long time. There are different types of electroplating processes such as colored electroplating and vacuum electroplating.

4. Printing and Engraving

Printing and engraving are different ways to make logos on the parts of products, the former one makes logos almost flat that is featured with quick process speed and many colors are available. While the engraved logos are not on the same plane as the surface, they are precise and hard to wear and tear.

5. Paint Coating

Painting is a very common finishing process, it has the function to add products with more textures. And it can avoid rust problem from products and other problems caused by bad weather. But what we need to notice is that painting is not a permanent work, it would wear off gradually as time goes by, so we need to do the painting every few years.

Choose Us for Better Services Always

We work closely with customers throughout the project to provide the best finishing solutions. To know more details, please contact us now!

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