The Importance of Fire Electronics

Fire electronic equipment is normally installed in offices, factories and public buildings that can alert people when a fire occurs. Every year, many people die or are injured in the fire, which also causes huge property damage. In fact, if the fire can be detected earlier, a lot of injuries and damages can be reduced and avoided even if it’s just a few seconds earlier. Early fire detection gives people enough time to take immediate action to escape or control the fire, and the property loss can be reduced as well. On the other hand, timely fire detection can shorten the business recovery time because less damage requires short downtime.
MOKO Technology always knows the importance of fire electronics, and we have already installed the fire alarm system in our factories and offices, making sure that our employees work in a safe environment. More importantly, we provide high-quality and reliable fire electronic equipment that has been used in many countries to protect people from fire.

MOKO Fire Electronic Products

1. Fire Alarm Devices


1.1 Heat Detectors

The heat detectors would trigger the alarm when the temperature is higher than the pre-set value or the temperature is increased a lot rapidly, detectors can also be connected with the control panel and send the signal to it when the temperature is not in the normal range.

1.2 Smoke Detectors

We provide 3 types of smoke detectors that are ionization smoke detectors, light scattering and light obscuring detectors. They have the same function, but their work principles are different. For example, the Ionization smoke detectors make the alarm when the smoke enters their chambers that can cause the drop of current flow. While for the light scattering smoke detectors, it would initiate an alarm when the light from the source falls on the photocell that is caused by smoke.

1.3 Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Such detectors can sense the content of carbon monoxide in the air and alert people of the fires when the content is too high. As we all know that the carbon monoxide caused by fire is very harmful to people and when its content in the air reaches a certain concentration, it will be fatal. Our carbon monoxide detectors are featured with high sensitivity and quick response.

2. Manual Call Points


Manual call points is a device that allows people to raise an alarm when there is a fire. It can be triggered easily by pressing the button on the device. It helps to warn those people who are not aware of the occurrence of fires to save more lives.

3. Alarm Control Panel


The control panel is the control center of the fire alarm system, which is connected with a variety of sensors and detectors to control their settings and provide status indications to people.

4. Fire Horn and Strobe


Fire Horn and Strobe is a device that can make a loud sound and strong lights when a fire occurs. This device plays a very important role in the fire alarm system that is normally installed in the hallways of hotels, hospitals, and other public buildings. The horn emits a high-pitched sound so that most people can hear it and make a quick response, while the strobe can emit lights to help those people with hearing impairment. On the other hand, it can guide people to a safe place as the sight will be impacted by the smoke.

Why Choosing MOKO for Manufacturing the Fire Electronics?

Expertise in Fire Electronics

Fire electronic equipment manufacturing is not an easy job. Manufacturers are required to have rich project experience and professional knowledge of fire protection products. If you are looking for an experienced fire electronics provider, then you are in the right place. MOKO has been accumulated over 10 years of experience in this area since its establishment in 2006. We provide custom hardware for fire projects, we understand the technology used in each device, we offer one-stop fire electronics manufacturing services from the design to the engineering and fabrication.

Quality Assurance

Fire-fighting products must be of excellent quality because it is related to people’s lives. MOKO has the industry-leading machines and proficient workers to make sure that the quality of our products is in high-quality. We have obtained the certifications of ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, ROHS, BSCI, and UL, making sure that our factories and products are accordant with the international standards.

The Client-oriented Team

MOKO is a professional and friendly team, we are client-oriented and aim to provide the best fire electronics manufacturing services to our clients. We listen and understand our customers, and we make quick a response within 24 hours and offer premium products with a short turnaround time.

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