Machining Metal Parts/Case

Thanks to our state-of-art equipment and rich experiences in machining metal parts, we are capable of manufacturing metal parts from simple to complex shapes with tiny tolerances of about 1-2 microns.  

MOKO Technology specializes in CNC machining, high precision lapping and grinding, and so on. There are a wide array of metal materials available at MOKO such as aluminum, steel, alloys, making sure that we can always meet your requirements. We deliver products with high accuracy and consistency with a short turnaround time.

Why MOKO Technology

Fast Production Turnaround Time

MOKO provides machining metal parts service from prototype to low, medium and high volume production run. Equipped with advanced production machines, we can produce metal parts at a quick speed, for bulk orders, we can deliver to customers as fast as two weeks.

Quality Assurance

MOKO Technology is certified with ISO9001:2015, ROHS, BSCI, and UL, which means that our products can meet international standards. On the other hand, our quality control department would inspect each product strictly by both manual and machine, making sure that the metal parts our customers receive are of high quality.

Machining Metal Parts in Various Sizes and Shapes

No matter you need metal parts an inch or a few yards long, no matter you require simple flat metal parts or fine-featured parts, MOKO would never let you down. We have experts who are well-versed in designing and manufacturing metal parts, they would work with you throughout the project to provide the best metal parts machining solutions.

Turnkey Services

MOKO Technology can provide turnkey metal machining services to our clients that include but are not limited to surface finishing, electroplating, grinding, laser carving. With about 14 years of experience in metal machining, MOKO has a network of reliable suppliers in the industry, which helps us to serve our customers better.

We Process Metal Products

Metal Case

Metal Case

Metal Partse

Metal Parts

Brass Parts

Brass Parts

Different Metals Used in Product Making

Expanded Metal

Metal panels used for machines and fixtures are not solid but grated, this kind of metal is expanded to achieve high consistency. The metal sheets would be cut in a pattern with diamond-shaped holes that can be fixed together by the remaining mesh-shaped metal. Along with the formation of each metal sheet, the metal can be expanded to the desired dimensions finally.

Sectional Metals

Sectional metals are made from steel and it is a type of metal material normally used in the construction and engineering projects. The chemical and physical properties of different kinds of sectional metals have predefined standards already, common sectional metals types include I-beam, Z- shape, hollow structural section, bar, and rod.

Flat Metal

Flat metal is a type of metal material widely used in construction and industrial assemblies. It can be manufactured in a wide array of thicknesses, but normally, they are fabricated in a thin size that ranges from one millimeter to centimeters.

Welding Wire

Welding wire is composed of metal strands that are bound together into thicker cords, and its raw materials can be a variety of metals. This wire is used to combine two pieces of metal together during welding, which would be melted into the welded piece along with the generation of heat caused in the process.

Choose MOKO for Better Services Always

The machining metal parts process is complex that requires expertise to handle it, so it is vital to choose the right manufacturer. MOKO has provided metal machining service for customers in different industries around the world, we are not only your metal machining manufacturer but also your reliable business partner. We work closely with customers, and always take the customer into priority. To know more details about our metal machining service, please contact us now!

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