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Overmolding refers to an injection molding process that can fabricate products that are perfectly combined with two or more materials and colors. Typically, we call the first material applied during the process as the substrate, which can be plastic and metal materials. And the subsequent materials (normally plastic or rubber materials) are used to fully or partially cover the substrate.

MOKO Technology uses a variety of materials for overmolding such as ABS, HDPE, Nylon, TPE, silicone, and so on, which means that we can offer our clients more choices and meet their requirements better. Our engineers are the experts in the molding area, and they would offer professional suggestions for your projects in each step, from design to manufacturing, making sure that it can be carried out successfully.

Why Choosing MOKO Technology for Overmolding?

Rich Experience

MOKO Technology has more than 10 years of experience in overmolding that has happy clients around the world. Our experts would work with you closely to understand your requirements and provide the workable solutions for your project, we can help you from the start to the end, and offer the overmolded products at competitive prices.

Premium Quality

We are certified with ISO9001:2015, ISO14001, ISO13485, ROHS, BSCI, and UL listed, which guarantee that our overmolded products are of high quality. In addition, we have a strict quality control process to make sure that each piece delivered to our customers is superior.

High Efficiency

MOKO utilizes state-of-the-art equipment that has high performance, and we constantly optimize our internal production process to ensure that we can offer overmolding services with high efficiency.

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How Does Overmolding Work?

For your better understanding of the fabrication process of overmolding, you can check the below picture: The injection unit 1 refers to the production process of the substrate, at first, the substrate is injected into the mold to and then form a solid state, which is placed in the same overmolding tool, then, the molten materials would be injected to cover the substrate part. When the materials cool, they can combine with the substrate firmly and seamlessly. Normally, it only takes 30-60 seconds to complete the combination process.

How Overmolding Work

The Benefits of Overmolding

Overmolding has been applied for various industries including automotive, medical and electrical industries, and we can easily find products that are made by overmolding technique, the toothbrush is a typical example, which is used by us every day.  It is so popular now, as it has so many benefits. Let’s discuss the 5 main advantages:

Lower Costs

Compared to conventional manufacturing technique, overmolding require less labor force as the process is automatic in most steps, and there is no assembly work or other post-production process needed, which can improve the production efficiency significantly. On the other hand, there would be less material waste during the production, as the material all be well-used during the injection, no need to cut exceed materials, thus, the total cost would be reduced.

Better Performance

Overmolding uses different materials, and when they are combined, the performance of final products would be much better. Commonly used materials such as rubber, silicone have great  performance in shock absorption and vibration, which can prevent the products from physical impacts, and lengthen their lifespans.

Increased Shelf Appeal

Overmolding makes the products more competitive, it supports to use a variety of materials in different colors. Taking TPE as an example, there are many colors and finishes available for this material. The beautiful appearance of a product can always attract people’s attention.

Design Flexibility

There are many materials that can be applied for overmolding projects, which can improve the flexibility during the design period. On the other hand, it can fabricate products in different shapes in a single part including some complex shapes.

Better User Experience

Overmolding is beneficial to improve the user experience of products. Just imagine when you use a hammer to fix some nails, would it be much more convenient for you if it is fitted with a rubber grip?

It can help you to hold it more firmly and conveniently, no need to worry that the metal part would hurt your hand, which is covered by rubber perfectly through overmolding technology.

Wondering if Overmolding is the Best Choice for Your Project?

Though there are many benefits of overmolding technique, we should know that not all injection molding projects are suitable for this technology. We need to consider the below questions:

  1. Is the final product made of thermoplastics, and/or rubber?
  2. Are there many colors, materials or layers required for the product?
  3. Do you need to disassemble the product when it is finished?

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