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  High quality Turn-Key PCB Assembly services Capabilities of MOKO

We all know, The traditional approach to PCB assembly and electronics manufacturing is expensive, slow, error prone, and frankly, intimidating for many manufacturers. It was designed to support huge orders, with long lead times, not prototypes and small batch runs. Fortunately, new turnkey PCB assembly services are stepping up to meet the needs of todays hardware designers.

MOKO is a prototype and middle-volume electronic contract manufacturer and full turn-key PCB assembly fabrication. Our services include: PCB manufacturing, electronic component sourcing, printed circuit board assembly, chip programming, PCB layout design,and final testing.

With the advanced technology development,our group can do BGA assembly and with X-Ray test.

The Advantage of choosing MOKO Turn-Key PCB Assembly

Five Reasons why MOKO Engineering should be the First Choice as your Turn-Key Manufacturing Partner


1)Experience - MOKO has been serving our customers for over 18 years, building a culture committed to customer satisfaction


2) Quality & On Time Delivery - MOKO strives for zero-defects in our manufacturing and test processes

3) Advanced Technology - with a state of the art manufacturing facility we have the equipment and knowledge to take on the toughest projects

4) Value - Our customers demand quality and reliability in the products we produce, MOKO will save you significant money in production and long term support of your products

5)Excellent Service - Check our references, our customers will tell you everyone at MOKO is committed to fulfilling the promise of long term customer satisfaction and building a long term relationship with the customers we serve.

Turn-Key PCB Assembly  rely on our PCB assembly experience to provide everything,  If you are searching Turn-Key PCB Assembly with the best price and exceptional quality, why not go direct to contact us? Email us at bruse@mokotechnology.com.cn or get an instant PCB quote.


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