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  The Applications and Benefits of Rigid Flex PCB Fabrication

MOKO is your one-stop China PCB supplier for rigid-flex PCBs. We are proud to offer high-quality, high-reliability quick-turn rigid flex printed circuit board.

The Application of Rigid Flex PCB Fabrication:

Rigid flexible PCBs offer a wide array of applications, ranging from military weaponry and aerospace systems to cell phones and digital cameras. Increasingly, rigid flex board fabrication has been used in medical devices such as pacemakers for their space and weight reduction capabilities. The same advantages for rigid flex PCB usage can be applied to military weaponry and weapon control systems.

In consumer products, rigid flex doesn't just maximize space and weight but greatly improves reliability, eliminating many needs for solder joints and delicate, fragile wiring that are prone to connection issues. These are just some examples, but rigid flex PCBs can be used to benefit nearly all advanced electrical applications including testing equipment, tools and automobiles. Not sure what technology needs to be used for your project? Call our experts and we can help you figure out whether you need rigid flex, flex or HDI PCB technology.

Benefits of Rigid Flex PCBs:

1 . Space requirements can be minimized by applying 3D
2. By removing the need for connectors and cables between the individual rigid parts the board size and overall system weight can be reduced.
3. By maximizing space, there is often a lower count in parts. Less solder joints assure higher connection reliability.

4.  Handling during assembly is easier in comparison with flexible boards. · Simplified PCB assembly processes. 

5. Integrated ZIF contacts provide simple modular interfaces to the system environment.

6. Test conditions are simplified. A complete test prior to installation becomes possible.

7. Logistical and assembly costs are significantly reduced with flex-rigid boards.

8.  It is possible to increase the complexity of mechanical designs, which also improves the degree of freedom for optimized housing solutions.

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