Custom & Design Molds

Custom molds is a process that can fabricate hollow and seamless parts. The parts are corrosion-resistant and can be used for a long time. Many industries need to use molds for large-scale product production, mainly including parts of electronic products, auto components, medical equipment parts, toys, containers, and so on. In industrial manufacturing, the main materials used to make molds are plastic and metal. The design and customization of molds for different materials are different in production processes and process requirements. As an experienced molds manufacturer for over decade years, MOKO Technology specializes in manufacturing and designing metal and plastic molds of different sizes, making sure we can always meet if not exceed our clients’ needs.

Why MOKO Technology?

Rich Experience

MOKO Technology has been established in 2006, the mold design and manufacturing department in MOKO Technology are composed of skilled designers, engineers, and experienced workers. We have professional knowledge and rich experience in mold design and processing technology, which makes us confident to provide our customers with molds of the highest quality standards.

State-of-the-art Equipment

Over the years, MOKO has invested a lot of costs to update equipment to ensure that our equipment reaches the industry-leading level. Our advanced machines have better production performance that can also guarantee the quality of our products.

Premium Quality

MOKO Technology has obtained certifications including ISO9001:2015, ISO14001, ISO13485, ROHS, BSCI, and UL, our factory and products are qualified to international standards. What’s more, our quality control department strictly controls each product to ensure that the quality of the products received by our customers is first-class.

Fast Turnaround Time

There are more than 350 employees in MOKO Technology who are all professionally trained. The workers have accumulated many years of machine operation experience, so our production efficiency is very high. On the other hand, we can quickly understand customers’ needs, and the efficient communication can absolutely promote the work progress and finally guarantee the fast turnaround time.

Amazing Service

MOKO Technology is committed to offering the best customer services to our clients, our friendly and professional sales team is 24/7 available to offer the best solution and quick response to our customers.

Custom Mold Projects

Custom Molds

Custom Molds

Design Molds

Design Molds

dme roll over moldbase

Roll over moldbase


Metal Molds

Plastic injection moulds welding

Plastic injection moulds welding

plastic mug mould

Plastic mug mould

Things to Consider When Designing A Mold

Mold design is quite important for custom molds, it can directly affect the function and performance of molds, and then affect the quality of your end products. Since the mold design is a critical step for mold customization, what things should we consider when designing a mold? Well, below are some vital considerations.

The Shape: The production time of a custom molds varies from different shapes. For example, if you design a mold with deeper screw threads, then the production time of this mold would be longer than it with light screw threads.

Angles: You have to consider the angles when designing a mold, as it may bring difficulty when taking parts out of the mold if the angle is not correct.
The Surface: Do you want to make the surface of mold more pretty? Well, then you can consider designing the mold with carving, embossing, and other finishes.
Cavities: The design of cavities may affect the performance of the molds, if the cavities are scientifically designed, then the inner and outer cavities can be cool at the same date during the mold production process to make sure that the dimension of molds is the same.
Weight and Thickness: When designing a mold, the weight and thickness of molds also matter, as they would affect the cycle time.

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