Namely here’s what MOKO technology can provide for your free DFM check!

1. Signal and mixed layer checks
2. Power/Ground checks
3. Drill checks
4. Solder mask checks
5. Silkscreen checks

Signal and Mixed Layer checks

Check Items in addition to their description:
To begin with, it reports the possible types of spacing violations between different components like circuits and nets. In addition spacing between CAD nets and even close distances get highlighted. Even though the features are the non-touching type because our DFM check has this ability.

Reports the actual size you will end up with in case of shaved lines, neckdowns, shaved arcs, shaved arcs, etc.

Reports the line endpoints which are unconnected.

Reports all of the pad to pad and line to pad slivers.

Reports missing pads as well as distance violations between NPTHs/PTHs/Vias along with circuits, copper, annular rings and pads.

Distance violations between pads, circuits as well as edge of the route feature etcetera.

Drill Checks

In like manner this includes:

  • Hole size
  • Hole separation
  • Missing holes
  • Extra holes
  • power/Ground shorts
  • NPTH to route
  • Stubbed vias
  • Thermal connection

Power Ground Checks


  1. Drill
  2. Sliver
  3. Route
  4. Thermal
  5. NFP spacing
  6. Plane spacing
  7. Plane
  8. Keep in/ Keep out areas
Solder Mask Checks

In particular this checks:

  • Spacing
  • Sliver
  • Bridge
  • Missing
  • Pads
  • Drill
  • Coverage
Silk Screen Checks

In contrast to the previous ones, it checks:

  1. Solder mask clearance
  2. Hole clearance
  3. String overlap
  4. Line width
  5. SMD clearance
  6. Pad clearance
  7. Route clearance
Above All Are You Looking For Free DFM Solutions?

MOKO Technology offers premium DFM check for free!

In addition, we provide a free PCB file check, which is called not only PCB DFM but also DFM check. Since it’s absolutely essential to get a PCB DFM. In addition, since our Free DFM service is the best in the market. As a result, this will actually be a source of cost-saving for you. Because as a result of DFM issues manufacturing can be hindered.

Thus MOKO Technology’s free DFM check system is a lifesaver!

Furthermore, DFM issues can actually lower your PCB cost and lower PCB lead time. With this in mind, our automatic DFM check system will act as a forewarner and detect possible manufacturing issues (DFM issues). Since they could cause problems afterward.

Some DFM Issues That Might Be Potentially Hiding In Your PCB Design
  1. Duplicate holes
  2. Redundant drills
  3. Slivers in different layers
  4. 2 drills having an Insufficient width of copper between them.
  5. Missing clearances
  6. Lines not properly covered
  7. Defective thermal connection.

However, we haven’t even scratched the surface yet!
In addition to these, our free DFM check system checks much more!

In conclusion, now you know why you need to get MOKO Technology’s Free DFM check. Consequently, it can save you lots of headaches and lost time later on!

In addition, we will work with you to solve any problems once they are detected to ensure a smooth PCB manufacturing stage.

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