Lead-free PCB Assembly

Lead is a toxic element that has serious health impacts on humans, animals, and environmental development. Lead used to be a major component of PCBs. However, it can leak into the environment after discarding devices in landfills. So several governments and authorities have banned the usage of lead in printed circuit boards. As a result, companies have started to lead-free PCB manufacturing.
MOKO Technology welcomed this initiative and started designing lead-free circuit boards. Let’s dive deeper into lead-free printed circuit board assembly.

Why Use Lead-free PCB Assembly?

All countries in the world don’t have laws like RoHS. Manufacturing PCBs with the lead still can affect a company’s bottom line if you fail to comply with RoHS. However, MOKO Technology pays more attention to the values of human beings. So we use lead-free PCB material. Here are some advantages of using lead-free printed circuit boards instead of lead-tin solders:

  • Protect the environment: These to prevent ground, air, and water from lead pollution. It is very easy to recycle which keeps electronic waste to a minimum level.
  • Protect Workers’ health: Exposure to lead can lead to many negative health effects. These effects can include very severe effects like loss of fertility. So there is no such risk in lead-free circuit boards manufacturing.
  • Sell in a specific location: Different countries like the European Union banned the selling of different non-RoHS objected products. So it is easy to sell lead-free products in the lucrative markets.
When Should You Use Lead-free PCB Assembly?

Here is some important situation, you will have benefits using lead-free circuit board assembly:

  • While selling your products in regularizing countries like the EU.
  • If you have concerned about the health risks of humans and want to protect the environment.
  • The OEM for your board needs to meet regularity standards such as Hewlett Packard and IBM.
Lead-free PCB Assembly Process

Lead-free circuit boards also need a high temperature from 30 to 50 degrees for assembly purposes. Here are some important steps to assemble a lead-free PCB TG:
Profiling: We ask for additional lead-free boards along with some extra set of temperature critical parts. Such as heat slug parts and BGAs. Moreover, you need to ensure the proper profiling of oven reflow temperature.
Inspection: Our proficient team inspects solder joints to make sure the solidity and high quality. It can appear different from a standard leaded solder joint.
Bill-of-Materials: Customers should make sure that Bill-of-Materials is correct for lead-free parts. You can consult us for any help.
Components Analyses: Our team carefully analyses that your components and board meet the requirements. Our expert team assists you to choose the best components.
Placement of components: This step deals with the placement of parts using a pick and place machine. These components must be capable to withstand higher manufacturing and soldering temperature.
Through-hole and Manual solder: The proficient team of MOKO Technology has great expertise in through-hole. Moreover, you can ask for the manual soldering of lead-free boards.
Placing printed circuit boards in the oven: In this step, it is important to place the lead-free circuit board in the oven. Placing PCB in the oven helps in melting solder paste. So it forms a metallic bond between the components and circuit board traces.
Testing: This step is very helpful to find any fault in PCB.
Packaging: the last step is packaging the PCB before shipping.

Lead-free PCB Capabilities of MOKO Technology

MOKO Technology cares about its workers, other human beings and the environment. So MOKO Technology uses lead-free PCB board for electronic components.

We don’t only build lead-free circuit boards but also provide RoHS Compliant PCB assembly services:

  • Lead-free material analysis
  • Single and double-sided assemblies
  • Wave soldering of lead-free
  • Lead-free circuit board rework
  • Lead-free selective soldering and much more.
    MOKO Technology is capable to design as many lead-free printed circuit boards as possible in the minimum time span.
Contact MOKO Technology to Find Lead-free PCBs

If you want any help regarding lead-free circuit boards, MOKO Technology welcomes you. You can contact us whenever you want. We are available 24/7. Make a quote today to get started with MOKO Technology for Lead-free printed circuit boards! You will have high-quality products at a fair price!

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