Low Volume PCB Assembly

PCB is the heart of all electronic devices. Therefore, all electronic device manufacturers pay special attention to high quality printed circuit boards. Low volume PCB assembly refers to a small number of circuit boards ranges from 25 to 5000 boards. Therefore, if you are looking for the best low volume PCB assembly manufacturer, MOKO Technology is the best option!
Most companies don’t give proper attention when it comes to low volume PCB manufacturing. So, this is not good for small PCB enthusiasts and small corporations. MOKO Technology always gives importance from high to low volume printed circuit board enthusiasts. Furthermore, many companies don’t give any concession for low volume PCB assembly. However, we still provide the best quotes for its customers.
There is no need to run here and there to find companies that provide PCB according to your requirements. So, either you are a small or large-scale manufacturer, we can treat you in the same way.

The Lead time of Low Volume PCB Assembly

The lead time of low volume PCB assembly in China can vary that depends on the number of PCBs. However, MOKO Technology is capable to design around 1000 boards just in a day. So, the assembly lead time is around 1 to 5 days. For a turnkey solution of PCB, the lead time can be between 10 and 16 days.

Benefits of Low Volume Printed Circuit Boards

Low volume PCBs can be helpful in terms of cost. When you use circuit boards for testing method, you can get the total number of circuit boards that you need. Hence, it will reduce costs. Because you are not going to pay for those boards that you will never use!

Moreover, some companies provide concessions on even low volume circuit boards. Such as MOKO Technology. You can avail of this benefit also! In addition, if the design of PCB doesn’t suit you, you still have an option to change that.

Types of Low Volume Circuit Board Assembly

Types of printed circuit boards depend on the material used for manufacturing. The conductive material is the basic building block of any circuit boards. Copper foil or core copper is the most renowned conductive material. Although the working mechanism of both materials is the same. But the size and manufacturing time of both can vary. If you are looking for any type of circuit board, we are the best option. You can order between 25 and 5000 printed circuit board, and you will still receive concession from us.

DFM & DFT Service are Available for Your Low Volume PCB

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Service
Several issues occur during the fabrication process. As a result, they can cause delivery delays. To overcome such problems, we offer design for manufacturing (DFM) service. It is a way to scrutinize the standard of the engineering document of the customer. These documents include the bill of materials, Gerber files, circuit diagrams, and assembly drawings.
In addition, DFM panels the circuitry and examines the list of components to check its accuracy. It further suggests a solder mask to acquire the highest output rates. We provide price discounts to its customers. The main reason behind is to incorporate its DFM service into the PCB assembly.
Design for Testing (DFT) Service
MOKO Technology offers Design for Testing service to facilitate its customers. We provide valuable suggestions on where to place different test points throughout printed circuit boards. This service further provides fixtures, references regarding probe types, and testing limitations. It validates the testing requirements, problem-solving instructions, and problem detection process.

Get an Instant Quote from MOKO Technology

MOKO Technology provides reliable and durable circuit boards. We don’t compromise on the standard of our products. Our expert team is always ready to listen to you 24/7.
If you want low volume PCB assembly service, get an instant quote from MOKO Technology. We will provide the best quality PCBs and appreciate your long-term relation!

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