Machining Plastic Case/Parts

Plastic machining services are applied to many industries including automation, medical, construction and transportation industries. Many products are made of it, or the parts of the product are made of plastic, and the plastic machining has become an indispensable production process. Its advantages include no mold costs, the ability to manufacture plastic parts in a short delivery time, the ability to produce small batches economically, the possibility of trial design before submitting the tool, the wide coverage of product sizes that can be processed, and the recycling of chips.

Why MOKO Technology

With years of experience in plastic fabrication, MOKO Technology has provided satisfactory services to hundreds of customers around the world, accumulated very rich project experience, and received unanimous praise from customers. There are more than 350 employees in MOKO Technology including more than 70 engineers and 50 overseas sales who are well trained and know how to work efficiently with our customers.

We have the world’s most advanced CNC machining equipment, capable of performing many different types of machining processes on various industrial plastics which would meet your requirements very well.

MOKO Technology has obtained certifications including ISO9001:2015, ISO14001, ISO13485, ROHS, BSCI and UL. Our plastic machining and plastic products are qualified to international standards. Want to know how our plastic machining services can set you apart from others? Contact us now!

Plastic Case Fabricated by MOKO Technology

Machining Plastic Case for H2 bluetooth beacon

Machining Plastic Case for H2 bluetooth beacon

Machining Plastic Case for Bluetooth Beacon

Machining Plastic Case for Bluetooth Beacon

Machining Plastic Case for Bluetooth Gateway

Machining Plastic Case for Bluetooth Gateway

MOKO Plastic Machining Services

Our quality control department strictly controls each product to ensure that the quality of the products received by our customers is first-class. In addition, we pursue high-standard products, so we use the most advanced technology and machinery to make our products meet or even exceed your requirements and expectations. Plastic processing requires professional skills to handle various materials, and MOKO engineers are experts in this field. We provide customers with the following plastic machining services:

CNC Plastic Machining

The main advantages of CNC plastic processing are precision and high efficiency. The use of CNC plastic processing can produce complex plastic parts in large quantities in a short time. As we all know, CNC with the full name of  Computerized Numerical Control can automatically perform multiple manufacturing tasks. Here at MOKO Technology, we not only own first-class CNC machinery but also have experts who are well-versed in the thermoplastics and thermoset materials and how to operate the CNC machinery. We are good at CNC milling, turning, and 5-axis machining that is featured with high-precision tolerances, so we can meet your high requirements and meanwhile guarantee a short turnaround time for your projects even those with large volumes. We are confident to handle complex projects that others feel worried about.

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding is a technique that can produce plastic components in a short time, the processes are injecting molten plastic materials into a metal mold, waiting for the molten material to cool and being a solid state, then removing them from the mould. Plastic injection molding is perfect for mass production thanks to its high efficiency, which would take about 1 minute or less to finish an injection molding cycle. In addition, it has the highlight of flexibility that means the plastic injection molding can fit with various materials. And it has other advantages like enhanced strength, reduced waste, and low labor costs, etc.

Plastic Stamping

Plastic stamping is a technique that can produce extremely thin plastic parts, which  utilizes a set of dies and a high-speed punch press of varying tonnages that can punch a shape from extruded plastic. Plastic stamping is perfect for making plastic products in flat shapes such as washers and gaskets. It is an ideal method to fabricate precise plastic parts, what’s more, the size and shape of different batches of products can be kept the exact same by using plastic stamping. On the other hand, the plastic stamping is featured with cost efficiency, it can fabricate hundreds of plastic parts per minute.

Plastic Materials Distribution

Premium plastic materials are required to make good plastic case, and at MOKO, we utilize the best material including thermoset and thermoplastic materials. If you are not sure about what material is the best for your projects, our experts are ready to offer the help to you.

Plastic Machining Capabilities from MOKO Technology

The First-Class Facilities

MOKO Technology has state-of-the-art machinery including high-speed CNC milling machines, multi-tasking CNC lathes, and automatic profiling machines to handle milling, drilling, turning, as well as grinding.

Plastic Materials

We can tackle a variety of plastic materials such as ABS, Acetal, Acrylic, Flametec®, Kel-F®, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVC, PVDF, and PTFE.

Turnkey Services

MOKO team is committed to providing turnkey services, which means we can handle the entire process from prototype to production in dramatically compressed time frames. Our turnkey services include design, machining, and finishing.

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