Mid Volume PCB Assembly

Looking for reliable and quality mid volume PCB assembly service? With MOKO Technology as your solution provider, consider your search over. We’re a manufacturer with a one-stop service for all your needs in the mid volume PCB board.

Quality Guarantee on Mid Volume PCB Assembly

We have international recognition for the quality of our mid volume PCB manufacturing. Also, our ISO certification gives you assurance of quality for a world-class product. This is a status that we are keen to maintain at all times. Our standards include

● ISO 9001:2015
● IL (PCB factory: E501397 94V-O : PCB assembly factory: E499341)

Our attention to quality extends to the point of shipment. Before we ship your PCB boards, we will test it for quality using your testing method. Thus, we ensure your product meets all the requirements for quality and functionality before it reaches your hands.

Mid Volume PCB Assembly Competencies of MOKO Technology

From its creation in 2006, MOKO Technology has a rich experience in offering services for printed circuit boards.

You will be able to access more than 13 years of professional experience we have in electronic and software design. We also average about 400,000 pieces monthly with the manufacturing equipment from some of the most respected manufacturers.

We will also execute your orders with a close eye on cost so that you can optimize your costs. Our skilled staff is highly knowledgeable in coming up with designs that meet your needs.

Whether you want a new product or upgrade a currently existing one, we have you covered.
Our services cater for both large and small PCB orders.

Our Capabilities In Mid Volume PCB Fabrication

MOKO Technology brings together the skills of more than 70 engineers. This has made our R&D drive a great success with more than 10 patents to our name. So rest assured you are reaping the cream of top-notch expertise in mid volume PCB assembly.

Our manufacturing is wholly based in China. Your PCB orders will be quickly executed with a turnaround time of 24 hours.

We also have a highly responsive website that will provide you with live tech support around the clock. We also feature instant online quotation. Our easy ordering and shipping experience will also be a great delight to customers.

Our shipping record ranks among the best in the industry. Therefore, you can always expect the on-time delivery of your orders. We ship all over the world and we are proud to have customers drawn from around the globe. There is also an online tracking system that makes it easy for you to trace your order.

MOKO Technology Is Ready To Discuss Your Mid-volume PCB Assembly Projects

Ready to begin your next PCB assembly project? It is as easy as contacting us with your order and specifications. Call us today for a quote and a fantastic service. Submit your PCB files and we will give you printed circuit board samples for free. Our samples will be ready for you as soon as you send in your request. Get our services and discover why customers rank us among the top 5 PCB makers in China.

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