10cl006ye144c8g FPGA는 어떻게 좋은 PCB에 기여합니까?

윌은 전자 부품에 능숙합니다., PCB 생산 공정 및 조립 기술, 생산 감독 및 품질 관리에 대한 광범위한 경험을 보유하고 있습니다.. 품질 확보를 전제로, Will은 고객에게 가장 효과적인 생산 솔루션을 제공합니다..
10cl006ye144c8g FPGA는 어떻게 좋은 PCB에 기여합니까?

최근 10년 동안 AI 로봇의 출현과 호황을 목격했습니다., 의료 기기, 5지 기술, 그리고 반자동 자동차 산업. 따라서, 10cl006ye144c8g FPGA, as a high-tech PCB 어셈블리, must play an important role though there is little attention from the end users. This text will explore how 10cl006ye144c8g contributes to a high-tech PCB.


Low Power Dissipation of 10cl006ye144c8g Leads to Low Energy and Cost Consumption of PCB

Thanks to low-power dissipation, 10cl006ye144c8g can ensure normal functions by plastic packaging at just a low cost, while high-power one may require ceramic packaging, which costs a lot.

게다가, low-power dissipation can save the money of adding water cooling and copper sheets, since it can dissipate heat in a natural way and ensure normal operation of the circuit.More and more, the use of low-power-dissipation chips can significantly reduce the energy consumption of the device itself and also reduce the power consumption, bringing lower electric charge to the end customers.

The Framework of 10cl006ye144c8g Leads to Shorter Time of PCB Design

The Framework of it, FPGA, is a high-performance packaging with high pin quantities. It equips PCBs with functions such as embedding passive components, terabit-level signals, and EMI analysis. And system design methods for it are also distinct. 을 위한 PCB 설계, it is good news since the system design time can be shortened.

Two Low Voltage Options of 10cl006ye144c8g Allow Higher CPU Speed in PCB

10cl006ye144c8g with low CPU voltage allows low total power consumption, which makes low system -operating cost possible.

This is very important for the PCB of portable and telecom device. 먼저, low total power consumption extends the lifespan of device batteries. 둘째, less heat will be produced so higher CPU speed of PCB can be realized with ease.

Wide Temperature Adaption of 10cl006ye144c8g Improves Stability of PCB

In the purpose of maintain PCB stability, it is capable of adapting to industrial temperature and automotive temperature, according to the test by professional device and approach. Thanks to wide temperature resistance, PCB can keep normal operation for longer time with lower malfunction probability.

RoHS6 Compliance of 10cl006ye144c8g Ensures Green PCB

RoHS6 is the six directive regulations for the use of certain hazardous ingredients in electrical and electronic equipment: 리드 (납), (Hg), 카드뮴 (Cd), hexvalent chromium (CrVI), polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE). The standard has been officially implemented on July 1, 2006. It is mainly used to regulate the material and process standards of electronic and electrical products in order to protect human health and environmental protection.

More and more electronic products require RoHS. 10cl006ye144c8g, as one of components on PCB, lays a solid foundation of the RoHS application for the whole electronic device.


10cl006ye144c8G Brings Multiple Possibility of High-tech PCB Design

  • Serves as Memories Model
    There is a M9K embedding SRAM memories model, which offers cascade connection. This feature gives a good solution to the problems that hashrate is not enough to support the operation of artificial intelligent PCB.
  • Serves as Embedded multipliers
    18 × 18 or two 9 × 9 multipliers are offered with cascade connection. It can be applied in digital signal processor IP suite for Algorithm acceleration.
  • Acts as Clock Net
    It can stimulate all the clock net of electric device with 15 specific pins. It contributes to the parallel processing capability, ease debugging and clock precision of the PCB.
  • Phase-locked Loop of 10CL006ye144C8g Serves High-Tech

    A phase-locked Loop (PLL) is a common clock circuit, which locks a reference signal to an output signal so that the output signal is endowed phase, 빈도, and stability characteristics of the reference signal.

    It provides up to four universal phase-locked loops. 그러므로, high-tech PCB with it is good at clock management and synthesis.


PCB with 10cl006ye144c8g FPGA brings you advanced user-experience in the field of artificial intelligence, smart medical device, 5g telecom and some IoT consumer electronic.

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