How to Choose the Best Electronic Assembly Service?

How to Choose the Best Electronic Assembly Service?
How to Choose the Best Electronic Assembly Service

Electronic devices are everywhere in today’s life, from mobile phones, computers, and gaming equipment to home appliances such as refrigerators and TVs, these products provide convenience for people’s lives. And all of this is difficult to achieve without electronic assembly. Electronics assembly refers to a process that collects, solders, and integrates electronic components and circuits to perform different functions. The global electronic contract assembly market is in huge demand, which is expected to reach USD 178.74 billion by 2026. But how to choose the best electronic assembly service from thousands of EMS companies? We listed several key points to help you make the decision, let’s dive into…

1. Electronic Assembly Service Practices

It’s paramount to make sure that your electronic assembly partner has the capability to handle your project. These assemblers specialize in different areas and you have to make sure that their expertise just matches your requirements. For example, some electronic assembly service providers only have experience in cable and harness assembly, while your project requires box build assembly and electro mechanical assembly, then they are absolutely not your desired partner. Hence, checking their electronic assembly service practices can help you to narrow the list of candidates and make the decision easier.

2. Quality Control

Quality is important at all times, and when communicating with assembly companies, be sure to ask them how they control the quality of their products. Compliance with regulatory standards including J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610 is an essential requirement. And those companies that assemble products for the medical industry must obtain ISO13485, MOKO Technology has that certification and offered assembly services for medical customers for years. It is also necessary to understand their quality control process, including the inspection methods and equipment they used. Finally, ask if they offer any after-sales service, whether they offer a warranty on substandard products, etc.

3. Turnaround Time

Turnaround time is another important factor when selecting electronic assembly services, which would affect the time-to-market of final products. You need to make sure that they have enough production capacity to handle orders of different batches, there are some companies that can only handle orders of small and medium batches, if you need to get a lot of products in a short time, it will be the wrong decision to cooperate with them.

4. Electronic Assembly Cost

When choosing electronics assembly services, you should also compare prices from different suppliers. There are many factors that affect electronic assembly costs, including shipping costs and labor costs. Choosing an assembly service provider sited in a convenient location can save on transportation costs, while the labor cost of choosing an electronic assembly partner from China, Vietnam, and Malaysia is usually lower than in developed countries. But what cannot be ignored is that cost reduction should be achieved under the premise of ensuring quality.

5. Stable Supply Chain

The electronics assembly market is facing huge challenges posed by COVID-19 and electronic component shortages, and working with suppliers with stable supply chains can alleviate the problems. On the one hand, a stable supply chain ensures sufficient raw materials that can avoid production delays caused by an insufficient supply of raw materials. On the other hand, the quality of components and materials is guaranteed. Those suppliers who work with MOKO must go through a strict quality audit, and all of them have been working with us for more than 3 years old. So we can get high-quality materials at favorable costs.

6. Intellectual Property Protection

In the process of communicating with electronic assembly companies, intellectual property rights such as design manuscripts or related business information are involved, so it’s of vital importance to make sure that they can protect your intellectual property rights even if the network environment is not secure enough. The most effective way is to sign a non-disclosure agreement with your assembly partner.

At MOKO Technology offers various electronic assembly services including cable and harness assembly, box build assembly, electro mechanical assembly, led PCB assembly, etc. We utilize industry-leading equipment and advanced technologies that allow us to deliver products with a fast turnaround time. More importantly, our in-house testing services guarantee the high quality of our products, our testing services include first article inspection, automatic x-ray inspection, and automated optical inspection to name a few. If you are interested in our electronic assembly service, you can click below to contact us.

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