EP2S30F672C5N FPGA와 하이테크 분야에 대한 기여 자세히 살펴보기

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EP2S30F672C5N FPGA와 하이테크 분야에 대한 기여 자세히 살펴보기

EP2S30F672C5N FPGA에 대해 전혀 알고 계십니까?? 구매 전 안내가 부족하신가요?? 그리고 어디에 적용해야 할까요?? 오늘, we are going to explore these question and hope the following text will be helpful to you.

Get started with Basic Knowledge of EP2S30F672C5N FPGA

EP2S30F672C5N, one of the products in Stratix II family, is an FPGA chip produced by Intel or Altera.

갖춘 1694 LABS and 500 IOs, it does well in connection and data processing ability. 게다가, the CMOS technique with a 717 MHz clock greatly promotes its processing ability.

It is packed in the form of FPGA672 via the size of 35mm x 35mm. And it can work well at 1.2 volts with negligible power consumption.

How does EP2S30F672C5N FPGA feature?

Innovative Adaptive Logic Module

Based adaptive logic module, EP2S30F672C5N offer precise processing result in an effective way. ALM is a leading technology in the field of computer vision and natural languages operation. That’s the reason why EP2S30F672C5N excels at data inference, information inference, motion inference, study ability as well as effective resource utilization.

Good Random-access Memory

It comes with 9,383,040 random-access memory bits without reducing logic resources. As a instant data memory medium, its large capacity offers high-speed task completion and multi-task simultaneous process. To be simple, if we see RAM as the road carrying data exchange between CPU and main memory, good random access memory of a chip can be regarded as a wide multi-lane expressway which is much better than single-lane road.

True Dual- Port Memory

Memory with dual ports allows random access of two systems at the same time. It configures two set independent address lines and read-write control lines on an SRAM memory with memory data shared function. Dual port design promote the throughput of RAM, which is suitable for real-time data caching.

First-in First-out Buffers

This buffer is a data structure that allows us to efficiently store and read data in a fixed-size buffer. This buffer is typically used to process streaming data, such as network data streams or file data streams. Data is read from the buffer in FIFO (first in, first out) order, which means the oldest data is read first. This benefits us a lot.

  • Save memory: The ring buffer can be recycled, so it is unnecessary toallocate a fixed size of memory space all the time. When the buffer is full, new data overwrites the earliest data, improving memory capacity. This is important when dealing with large amounts of data and limited memory resources.
  • High performance: FIFO buffer improvesthe efficiency of data reading and writing. During data exchange, the read-write pointer just keep moving, without the efforts to allocate and free memory frequently. This is the reason why FIFO buffer ideals for handling high-speed data flows, such as network transmissions or real-time data processing.

Data Security Assurance

The chip comes with multiple security protection mechanisms, doing well in hardware encryption, error detection and correction. This protect data of some devices from data leakage, attack and threats.

Free Functional Configuration

게다가, this chip uses programmable logic technology, which free users who want to configure and design chip functions on their own. Due to the complexity of the chip, 하나, it is not so easy for some beginners to do that. For experienced designers, the chip offers a number of customization options and advanced features that can help them carry out more complex applications.

How does EP2S30F672C5N FPGA Contribute to High Tech Field?

EP2S30F672C5N is a powerful and compact FPGA chip which serves to high-speed operation and flexible connection.

EP2S30F672C5N FPGA shows great popularity in the field of telecom PCB. Satellite communication, radio communication and wire communication benefits a lot from its speedy data transmission, signal processing and digital modulation identification.

In addition to high performance computing, this chip fulfill its competitive edge at artificial intelligence printed circuit board, machine learning and image processing, with powerful hashrate. 따라서, demand emerges from some field based on AI, such as smart control and smart sensing since it can be used to machine control, automatic line and smart warehouse.

게다가, it also applied to some important field, such as military and spaceflight, where in-time control and data transmission counts a lot.

In our daily life, EP2S30F672C5N FPGA serves as a reliable hand. From the router offering Wifi to the television playing show, it handle the data professionally and bring us access to network.


We believe that this age is to high technology. Every chips with unique features potentially support the development of science.

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