Top 10 PCB Suppliers in Taiwan 2022

Top 10 PCB Suppliers in Taiwan 2022

Taiwan is one of the largest PCB markets in APAC, which plays a significant role in the global PCB market. Currently, Taiwan’s PCB industry accounts for 33.9% of the global market share. As reported, last year, the printed circuit board production in Taiwan exceeds 684 million square feet. In this giant market, there are countless PCB suppliers to provide printed circuit boards and other PCB related services to customers around the world. Among them, some are experienced, some are just established, and the areas they are good at and the services they provide are also different. This article mainly introduces the top 10 PCB suppliers in Taiwan, they are usually the first choice of most customers.

Top 10 PCB Suppliers in Taiwan


Established in 1994, AIRPRO Technology is located in Taoyuan City, Taiwan. This company specializes in manufacturing a wide array of printed circuit boards including single and multi-layer FR4 PCBs, metal core PCBs, and PTFE/TEFLON PCBs, with the production capacity of 350,000 square feet per month. Thanks to its cutting-edge manufacturing technology and streamlined process, they provide PCB services with fast turnaround times at competitive prices, helping customers accelerate the time to market for their products. And based on different project requirements, they can provide customized PCB solutions with high flexibility. Moreover, they have established a quality management system to strictly control the quality of circuit boards, they are certified with ISO9001:2015, TS16949: 2009, and ISO13485: 2003.

Career Technology (Mfg.) Co., Ltd.

Since its presence in 1992, Career has been committed to flexible printed circuit fabrication, and now they are one of the top 10 flexible PCB manufacturers in the world. They fabricate PCBs for various applications such as mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, and so on. Headquartered in Shulin, Taipei, Career has a global footprint to support customers worldwide better. They have manufacturing facilities in Kunshan, Suzhou, Shenzhen City, and branch offices in the USA, Singapore, Finland, etc. They constantly improve productivity and quality by developing industry-leading PCB process technologies and introducing top-notch manufacturing equipment. Their engineering and production team is experienced and dedicated, providing turnkey FPC and SMT solutions and excellent products for customers.

Cheer Time

Founded in 1987 in New Taipei City, Cheer Time has accumulated over 30 years of experience in PCB manufacturing, and now it is ranked top 10 PCB suppliers in Taiwan. They are specialized in high-mix low-volume manufacturing for rigid PCBs and HDI PCBs and provide quick-turn PCB services for customers. Currently, they have developed a partnership with many famous brands such as Delta Electronics, Ness, 3M, and Garmin, and are well known for high-quality and reliable PCB services. They strictly follow high-quality standards in each process and have obtained certificates including ISO9002, ISO9001, and UL, therefore, working with them can set you free from quality problems.

Chin Poon Industrial Co., Ltd

CHIN POON Industrial was established in 1979 and has become one of the leading PCB suppliers in Taiwan and even in East Asia. They specialize in manufacturing various circuit boards including HDI, metal-core, single-sided, and double-sided PCBs. The main markets they serve are automotive, industrial, medical, and telecommunications, and it is worth mentioning that 80% of their sales come from the automotive industry. Apart from PCB manufacturing, they also provide other services including PCB design optimization, product manufacturability optimization, and supply chain management. To better support customers, CHIN POON constantly introduces advanced PCB technologies and speeds up delivery time, they have gained a good reputation in the market for their superior products and impressive customer service.

Circuitech Precision Electronics, Inc

Circuitech Precision Electronics is located in Chung-Li, Taoyuan, where world-class PCB manufacturers gather, materials, and supporting resources are abundant. This company was founded in 1991, accumulating more than three decades of PCB manufacturing experience. They provide turnkey PCB solutions from PCB design, to fabrication and assembly, specializing in multi-layer rigid PCB fabrication. They have set facilities in Kunshan City which is equipped with state-of-the-art machines and automated production lines to improve production capacities and meet customers’ needs better. Circuitech Precision Electronics is famous for its high-quality products, they are committed to quality control and certified with ISO 13485, IATF 16949, QC-08000, ISO-9002, and so on.

Compeq Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Compeq Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in Taoyuan in 1973. It is the first professional printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing company in Taiwan. In the beginning, it only produced single-sided and double-sided printed circuit boards. Later, they continued to develop technology and produce various PCBs including Rigid-flex PCB, flexible PCB, High layer PCB, and HDI PCB, and specialize in multi-layer PCB and IC package substrate. At the same time, they are also expanding their production capacity. In 1989, they established a factory Compeq International Corp in the United States, and then successively established factories in Huizhou and Suzhou, China, totally they have 7 production facilities, and their great production capabilities enable them to deliver products in quick turn and meet customers needs well.

ExPlus Co., Ltd.

ExPlus is a Taiwan-based PCB manufacturer, founded in 1997, providing excellent printed circuit boards and electronics manufacturing services. With factories in Huizhou City and Taoyuan City, ExPlus has strong production capabilities, whether prototyping or high-volume production, and they can deliver products to customers on time. They specialize in rigid PCB, aluminum PCB, flex PCB, and rigid-flex PCB, and serve customers in different industries such as industrial, automotive, electronics, and telecommunication. Their PCB services range from design, engineering, component procurement, and prototyping to assembly and mass production, all processes are finished under the same roof, so they can better control the quality and costs of products.

EISO Enterprise Co.,Ltd

Established in 1994 and listed in 2014, EISO is one of the top PCB suppliers in Taiwan. They have been committed to the production of PCB, and in the past nearly 30 years, they have continuously improved equipment and production technology. They are able to produce 2-20 layer PCBs, and 2-6oz thick copper PCBs, and the produced circuit boards are widely used in different applications such as Internet communications, automobiles, electronics, and industrial computers. From low- to high-volume production runs and everything in between, they can deliver products at a fast turnaround. They pay great attention to product quality and have obtained ISO9001, ISO14000, QC080000, TS16949, and other certifications to provide customers with the highest quality and high-reliability products.


Founded in 1989, LM PCB specializes in providing high-quality PCB production service, serving customers in different countries and regions around the world. They have strong productivity, especially after their 6600㎡ new factory is put into use, the production capacity is up to 18,000 square meters, which allows them to provide printed circuit boards to customers in the shortest delivery time. At LM PCB, all production is done in their own internal factory, which is equipped with advanced production and testing equipment. Therefore, they can better control the product quality by closely monitoring all processes. Currently, they have obtained ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and UL certificates.

Printec Circuit Electronic Co., Ltd

Printec Circuit Electronic Co., Ltd established in 1989, and located in New Taipei City, is a professional PCB manufacturer, specializing in the production of Rigid PCB and Flex PCB. They provide customers with full and partial turnkey PCB assembly services including component sourcing, PCB prototyping, PCB fabrication, and assembly. They can deliver products with short lead times, which helps customers bring products to market faster. Quality is always their first concern, they have a stringent quality control system and are certified with ISO 9001, UL, RoHS, REACH, etc. In addition, they have PCB manufacturing experience in different markets, serving customers from the Internet of Things, communications, medical, automotive, and other industries.

Final Thoughts

In this blog, we have discussed the top 10 PCB suppliers in Taiwan in detail, all of them are highly professional and have extensive experience in the PCB field. We, MOKO Technology, have been in the PCB industry for nearly 20 years, known for designing and manufacturing high-quality circuit boards. We have a comprehensive and deep understanding of the PCB market in Taiwan. And based on our experience and other references, we provide this list of top Taiwanese PCB manufacturers, we hope you can get inspired from it. In addition, if you have other insights or questions, you are welcome to contact us to make further discussion.

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Will Li
Will Li
Will is proficient in electronic components, PCB production process and assembly technology, and has extensive experience in production supervision and quality control. On the premise of ensuring quality, Will provides customers with the most effective production solutions. Reach Me Now>>
Will Li
Will Li
Will is proficient in electronic components, PCB production process and assembly technology, and has extensive experience in production supervision and quality control. On the premise of ensuring quality, Will provides customers with the most effective production solutions. Reach Me Now>>
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