Top 10 PCB Suppliers in the USA 2022

Top 10 PCB Suppliers in the USA 2022

Finding a reliable PCB supplier in the United States can be a time-consuming and tricky task due to the countless PCB manufacturers in this market and the fact that not every circuit board manufacturer can be trusted. PCB manufacturing involves the design, PCB prototyping, assembly, and mass production, it is a complex process, and your partner must have the expertise and ability to handle your PCB project. With our rich experience in the PCB field, MOKO Technology has listed the top 10 PCB suppliers in the USA. You can use this as a reference when you don’t know how to choose or you don’t have much time to do research. After all, you can’t go wrong working with these great PCB manufacturing companies. They have extensive experience in providing PCB services to customers all over the world and have gained a good business reputation and praise.

Top 10 PCB Suppliers in the USA

Advanced Circuitry International (ACI)

Advanced Circuitry International was founded in 1992, they are one of the best PCB suppliers in the USA and a world-class RF/Microwave and Antenna PCB supplier. The company is headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, USA, and has four state-of-the-art production plants on three continents, providing customers with one-stop services from rapid prototyping to mass production. They have the most advanced technology and production equipment and have the ability to produce different kinds of printed circuit boards to meet the needs of different customers. They are currently AS9100D / ISO:2015 accredited and are an ITAR-registered company. They provide high-quality PCBs along with the best service to customers from the aerospace, defense, telecommunications, and medical device industries.

Advanced Circuits

Advanced Circuits, also known as 4PCB, has been engaged in PCB manufacturing since 1989. With their industry-leading technology and high-quality products, they have become the top PCB manufacturer in the United States. At the same time, they have also actively innovated PCB technology and have been leading industry development. They provide a wide range of services including PCB production, PCB assembly, PCB customization services, design and engineering, free PCB file inspection, and so on. They have fast turnaround times, fast quotes, and 24-hour technical support, more importantly, they can deliver circuit boards to customers on time, no matter if it’s PCB prototypes or large-scale production.


Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, APCT also has four fully-equipped manufacturing facilities, two in Southern California, one in Wallingford, Connecticut, and one in Santa Clara, California. Together they have 180,000 square feet of manufacturing space and more than 500 employees. In addition, they have a sound global supply chain network with branches in Southeast Asia, China, Japan, and Korea. They are proficient in high-level rigid through-hole and HDI, Flex and Rigid-Flex production, and the main service industries include defense and aerospace, medical, industrial, automotive, telecommunications, etc. They have a professional engineering team and can provide design for manufacturability services in addition to production.

Custom Circuit Boards

Custom Circuit Boards is a turnkey PCB supplier in the United States that has been in PCB production for over 30 years. They are able to provide customers with a full range of services, from PCB design to production as well as assembly, testing, and more. They focus on quick-turn PCB services, can complete PCB prototype production within 24 hours, and ensure the quality of the products. They are capable of producing PCBs from 1-40 layers, and, whether it is a low-volume prototype or medium or high-volume production, they can meet customer needs for products within the customer’s budget and ensure high quality. They invest heavily in production machines and production technology, so as to continuously improve their PCB production capacity and meet various needs in the market.

Cirexx International Inc

Cirexx International is located in the center of Silicon Valley in the United States and has been established for more than 40 years. They provide one-stop PCB solutions including PCB layout, manufacturing, and assembly. Cirexx specializes in producing flexible circuits, rigid-flex circuits, and complex PCB manufacturing and is proficient in microwave radio frequency technology and rigid HDI technology. They have an experienced engineering team to provide technical support to customers and can help customers optimize PCB design and evaluate the manufacturability of the project. Furthermore, their factory is equipped with the latest technology and facilities to meet the increasingly complex demands of PCB technology. They are also committed to providing customers with the most reliable printed circuit boards at a competitive cost.

Epec Engineered Technologies

Epec focuses on providing PCB customization services and has provided services to more than 5,000 customers around the world. With offices in North America, Asia, and Western Europe, the company is one of the fastest-growing PCB suppliers in the United States. They have flexible manufacturing capabilities, professional design and engineering services, and fast response services. There are manufacturing centers in the United States and the United Kingdom, and they have passed ISO-9001, QS-9002, TS-16949, and UL certifications, so there is no need to worry about product quality when working with them. More importantly, on the premise of ensuring product quality, they can also help customers control production costs, complete production quickly, and accelerate customers’ time to market. Whether they are engineers, manufacturing personnel, or sales personnel, they are all very enthusiastic and professional, and can always meet customer needs very well.

Journey Circuits Inc

Journey Circuits is a PCB supplier founded by electrical engineers and manufacturing engineers who have extensive experience and expertise in this field. Over the years, this company has been committed to providing customers with fast and high-quality PCB services, whether it’s a small, medium, or large production order, they can deliver on time. For 1-layer and 2-layer PCB prototypes, it can be completed within 24 hours. More importantly, they place great emphasis on product quality, they are ISO9001 compliant as well as IPC compliant. The circuit boards they produce are used in a wide variety of industries, including medical equipment, industrial, communications, automotive, and more. With their professionalism, high quality, and fast delivery, Journey Circuits has become one of the most popular PCB suppliers in the USA.

On Board Circuits

On Board Circuits provides complete PCB services, from PCB design, and prototyping to mass production and testing. They have been engaged in PCB manufacturing for more than 20 years, have a rich project experience, and serve customers in different markets such as military, aerospace, electronic appliances, etc. They provide high-quality PCB services, and each production process is closely monitored and managed by a highly professional team to ensure that each circuit board produced meets the highest quality standards. In addition, they streamline internal processes, improve production efficiency, provide customers with fast PCB fabrication services at the most cost-effective price, and help customers accelerate time to market so as to improve their market competitiveness.

Rush PCB Inc

Established in 1997, RUSH PCB is one of the top PCB suppliers in the USA. They are proficient in various PCB technologies including laser drilling microvias, blind/buried vias, and conductive and non-conductive hole filling. They are capable of producing a variety of circuit boards including rigid PCB, flexible PCB, and rigid-flex PCB. Rush PCB focuses on providing turnkey printed circuit board services for the electronics industry in the United States and around the world. Their engineers are involved from the beginning of PCB design to ensure the manufacturability of the design. And they also provide PCB prototyping, mass production, assembly, and testing services. They perform a strict quality control system to ensure the highest PCB quality. They are in compliance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, J-STD-001, and IPC-A-610E standards.


TechnoTronix is one of the best PCB suppliers in the USA. They have advanced PCB production technology and rich manufacturing experience, and are proficient in various PCB manufacturing processes. With over 40 years of experience in PCB assembly and fabrication services, they are capable of producing all types of PCBs such as flex PCB, multilayer PCB, and rigid-flex PCB, and they also offer box build assembly and full testing services. Most importantly, they focus on the quality of their products and are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, and AS9100 Rev. D certified. What’s more, they provide customers with the most competitive price under the premise of ensuring product quality.

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Will Li
Will Li
Will is proficient in electronic components, PCB production process and assembly technology, and has extensive experience in production supervision and quality control. On the premise of ensuring quality, Will provides customers with the most effective production solutions. Reach Me Now>>
Will Li
Will Li
Will is proficient in electronic components, PCB production process and assembly technology, and has extensive experience in production supervision and quality control. On the premise of ensuring quality, Will provides customers with the most effective production solutions. Reach Me Now>>
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