PCB 10cl006yu256c8g 與 10cl006ye144c8g 有什麼不同?

威爾精通電子元器件, PCB生產工藝及組裝技術, 並具有豐富的生產監督和質量控制經驗. 在保證質量的前提下, 將為客戶提供最有效的生產解決方案.
PCB 10cl006yu256c8g 與 10cl006ye144c8g 有什麼不同?

10cl006yu256c8g是PCB中應用的常用晶片, 始終有另一個備份選擇, 10cl006ye144c8g. 那我們要如何在10cl006yu256c8g和10cl006ye144c8g之間做選擇呢? PCB組裝? Let’s dive into the question in the following text.

Comparison Between 10cl006yu256c8g and 10cl006ye144c8g

Both 10cl006ye144c8g and 10cl006yu256c8g are branded Intel, under the same IC family. If you compare their specification, you will find that they are similar with few distinction.

10cl006yu256c8g 10cl006ye144c8g
Member Code 6272 logic elements 6272 logic elements
M9K Memory: Block 30 30
M9K Memory: Capacity(鉀) 270 270
18*18 multiplier 15 15
鎖相環 2 2
Clock 20 20
Maximum I/O 176 176
Maximum LVDS 65 65
Core Voltage Standard Voltage Standard Voltage
Package Type UBGA EQFP
Package Code UBGA 256 針腳 EQFP 144 針腳
Operating Temperatures 0~85 degree centigrade 0~85 degree centigrade
FPGA Fabric Speed Grade 8 8
遵守 RoHS6 RoHS6

Both of them are with 6272 logic elements and standard temperature resistance. 除了, they comply to RoHS6. 然而, package type of 10cl006ye144c8g is EQFP with 144 針腳, while 10cloogyu256c8g have 256 pins in UBGA package.

Different Package Related to Further PCB Design

  • UBGA with 256 針腳 10cl006yu256c8g

Full name of UBGA in the PCB is Universal Ball Grid Array package. It adopts a ball-grid array structure with an independent spherical solder joint for each pin. This effectively improve the reliability and stability of the connection.

  • EQFP with 144 針腳 10cl006ye144c8g

EQFP is also a form of electronic component packaging, whose full name is Equal Flat Package. It has a smaller volume.

Different PCBA Approach and Design

Due to the small gap among pins on 10cl006yu256c8g, building precise connection between board and chip is a vital thing during soldering in the process of PCBA. 除了, more support and fixture should be offered during PCBA, since the UBGA framework of 10cl006yu256c8g weighs more than the other.

In the process of assembling 10cl006ye144c8g, you need to attach more importance on the bend of pins. If pins are bend in an improper scale, informal contact towards bonding pad will occur. More seriously, it brings bad quality and public reputation on the products. 此外, 10cl006ye144c8g is usually good at heat dissipation with a large heatsink area. Thus sufficient space should be leaved to it during PCB設計 和組裝.

Different Contributions to PCB Features

  • PCB containing 10cl006ye144c8gchip usually have a high-density design of the component and circuit layout. It features by small size, light weight and excellent performance. 第二, automatic production for batch is applicable for the PCB with 10cl006ye144c8g IC, so producing efficiency is higher and lead time is shorter than traditional handmade production.
  • The combination between 10cl006yu256c8gand PCB realizes speedy data transmission and signal processing, catering to the operation of many complicate appliance and device. 除了, it ensures stable work of circuit in various temperature and environment.

Application Comparison of IC for PCB

Both PCBs with 10cl006ye144c8g and 10cl006yu256c8g are applied in many significant field.

  • 電信: Because of good efficiency in data delivery and stability, they are usually used in telecommunications device, such as router and base station.
  • Industrial control: For numerically-controlled machine tool, reliability and stability is of great significance. PCBs with 10cl006ye144c8gand 10cl006yu256c8g exactly meet this requirement, so they are widely used in the field of industry.
  • Medical device: Their reliability and stability also contribute to a good quality of medical device, which should work well to maintain people’s health and safety in some serious and urgent case. 監視器, 呼吸機, hemodialysis machines are common application of 10cl006ye144c8g and 10cl006yu256c8g.
  • Automotive field: With the booming of smart vehicle, PCBs with 10cl006ye144c8g and 10cl006yu256c8g are more and more popular due to, 再次, their reliability. They offer a safety operation to the car by equipping engine control module, brake control system, airbag system,

越來越多, 10cl006ye144c8g is even applied in the field of aerospace, such as system of planes, 衛星, missiles. The high-standard of reliability allows it make aircraft operation safely.


To optimize electronic design, choosing a IC deserves deep consideration since little difference can lead to different features of the PCB, which is the control center of the whole electronic device.

威爾精通電子元器件, PCB生產工藝及組裝技術, 並具有豐富的生產監督和質量控制經驗. 在保證質量的前提下, 將為客戶提供最有效的生產解決方案.