Automatic X-ray inspection (AXI)

Automatic x-ray inspection uses x-rays for analyzing the hidden features of the test subjects. We use this technology in various industries for anomaly detection and process optimization.

Features and Benefit of Automated X-ray Inspection

1. Ease of Use
Automatic x-ray inspection service is very easy to use. Hence, it is ideal for high volume production. It has a friendly and flexible UI. So, a person doesn’t have to struggle while operating it.
2. Resolution & Magnification
The magnification and resolution are important parameters for identifying the inspection capacities of a machine. AXI offers very high image resolution and magnification. Hence, it is able to accurately inspect even the smallest of products.
3. Programmable Lighting
Lighting is crucial in any machine which inspects through imaging. So that it reveals more defects and flaws. An automated x-ray inspection system allows for programmable lighting. So, we are able to control the amount of lighting as per our needs. Hence, it allows for accurate detection of even the smallest of flaws and defects.

Types of Automatic X-ray Inspection

There are two major types of automated x-ray inspection. So, these are as follows,
1. 2D Automated X-ray Inspection System
We use this type of AXI when we only want to know the defects on one surface of the product. However, we also use this when the PCB is very thin.
2. 3D Automated X-ray Inspection System
We use this type of AXI when the PCB is very thick. However, we also use this when the defects lie deep within the PCB.

Uses of Automatic X-ray Inspection in PCB

We frequently use AXI in electronics industry for identification of defects in electric circuits. Hence, it is suited for inspection of PCBs and smart gadgets. So, it is a great idea to deploy AXI if you intend to set up a mass production line.
AXI can reveal flaws and discontinuities in the structure of the PCB. So, it will help us in determining its lifespan and durability. AXI also tells us about faults in electric connections. Hence, we can use it for improving the reliability of electronic networks. AXI reveals information about the strength of the solder joints. So, we can use it for determining their integrity and devising subsequent measures.

Components and Packages Usually Inspected By Automated X-ray Inspection

Ball Grid Arrays (BGA) and integrated circuits (IC) are gaining more and more popularity in the electronics industry. However, in these products the electric connections are placed underneath. Hence, any flaw in them is more difficult to detect through conventional inspection. So, we have to use advanced techniques like automatic x-ray inspection for detecting flaws and defects in such products.

Automated X-ray Inspection by MOKO Technology

At MOKO Technology we strive to ensure the superior quality of our products. So, we use sophisticated testing techniques like automatic x-ray inspection PCB to detect any flaws in our product. If you place a PCB order with us then we will provide superior quality assurance by AXI.

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