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Binder Jetting at MOKO Technology

Binder Jetting at MOKO Technology

MOKO Technology has been providing our customers with reliable binder jetting services for over years since its establishment in 2006. No matter you need design models, functional models or sand casting, our industry-leading equipment and experienced engineers can meet your requirement with a fast turnaround time. And we offer binder jetting services for the production of one-offs, prototypes, low volumes and high volumes as well.
Our binder jetting process supports a wide array of materials including silica sand, full color sandstone, stainless steel, inconel alloy, tungsten carbide and so on, which helps to improve the design flexibility significantly. Our experts would offer professional and innovative solutions to make sure that your binder jetting projects can be carried out successfully. In addition, we have a strict quality control process, making sure the products that our customers receive are of high quality.

Our Binder Jetting Cases

MOKO Binder Jetting Cases One
MOKO Binder Jetting Cases Two
MOKO Binder Jetting Cases Three

What is Binder Jetting?

Binder jetting is a kind of commonly used 3D printing technology, which is also an additive fabrication process. There are two materials required during the manufacturing: the base material-powder, and the binder that can be selectively deposited to bond powder. The powder particles would be jointed perfectly layer by layer, and finally form a component. It uses a variety of materials to print parts such as metals, sand, and ceramics.
The binder jetting is a very cost-effective and efficient technology, which can produce components with less material waste and quick production turnaround time that can be even faster by adding the number of print head holes. Moreover, it allows us to change the properties of materials and the ratio of two kinds of material to adjust the properties of the final parts, which means there are limitless possibilities of making innovative components by such a technology. It is a process that is well-suited for products that have special requirements of the internal material structure.

How does It Work?

How Selective Laser Sintering Work

First, we should know that the binder jetting works based on CAD files, just the same as other additive manufacturing processes, so the very first step is to design a 3D model by CAD and make sure its feasibility.
Then, the recoating blade is used to apply a thin layer to the construction platform of the machine, and the print head would be applied to jet the binding agent into the powder selectively and precisely according to the geometry of the parts.
And when the binder layer is completed, the platform would be lowered. Then the rocoater would apply a new layer of powder, and the print heads bind it, these steps would be repeated until the final part is finished.
Last, we need to take the part from the box and remove the excess materials.

The Advantages of Binder Jetting

Design Versatility

Binder jetting is a 3D process that is featured with high design versatility. A variety of materials are available for this technology, which supports fabricating parts in complex geometries and different colors.

Lower Cost

For the binder jetting process, there are only some certain areas that will be treated with sprayed adhesive material. Therefore, some metal powders can be recycled and reused in other projects, which can save the material costs. In addition, it requires no tools or fixtures to support part construction, as the unbonded powder can play a supporting role, which saves both cost and time.

Premium Quality

It is capable of making delicate parts that have tiny tolerance, and it can produce component as small as 0.1mm. On the other hand, the parts made by binder jetting have good and smooth surface finishes, and we can even make logos and textures on the surface of the part.

High Production Efficiency

Binder jetting applies industrial printing modules, which have very fast production speed, also there is no complex post-processing step required that can also shorten the manufacturing turnaround time. Most steps during the fabrication are automatic, it helps to improve the printing efficiency significantly.

High Accuracy

Binder jetting applies advanced printers which can reduce the possibility of errors, and the print head is featured with high accuracy, making sure the size and geometry of final parts are exactly what you want.

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