Double Sided PCB

Double-sided circuit boards are a little bit more complex than single sided PCB. These boards contain just a single layer of the base substrate. However, they contain conductive layers on each side. They use copper as a conductive material. Let’s dive deeper inside double sided PCB to learn more!

The Structure and Materials of Double Sided PCB

Double sided PCB material can vary on the basis of project type. However, the core material is almost the same for all circuit boards. However, the structure of the PCB varies from type to type.

  • Substrate: It is the most important material made of fiberglass. You can consider it as a skeleton of the PCB.
  • Copper Layer: It can be either foil or full copper coating. That’s why it depends on board type. The end result is the same whether you use foil or copper coating. Double sided circuit boards contain a conductive copper layer on both sides.
  • Solder Mask: It is a protective layer of polymer. So, it prevents copper from short-circuiting. You can consider it as the skin of the circuit board. Double sided PCB soldering is a very important step for durability.
  • Silkscreen: it is the final part of silkscreen. Although it doesn’t have any role in the functionality of the circuit board. Manufacturers use it to show part numbers. Part numbers are very important for testing purposes. In addition, you can print your company logos or other information in the form of text.
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Double Sided Circuit Boards

Here are some pro and cons of double-sided printed circuit boards:

Advantages of Double-sided Circuit Boards

  • High Quality: Planning and designing this PCB need a good amount of work. Resulting in high-quality circuit boards.
  • Enough Space for Components: It houses more space for components. Because both sides of the layer are conductive.
  • More Design Options: It has conductive layers on both sides. You can attach different electronic components on both sides. So you have more design options.
  • Sourcing and Sinking Current: While using it as a bottom layer, you can use it for sinking and sourcing current.
  • Usage: Due to its efficiency, you can use it in many applications.

Disadvantages of Double-sided Circuit boards

  • Higher Cost: Making both sides conductive, it comes at a slightly higher cost.
  • Skilled Designer Needed: There involves a bit difficult double sided PCB manufacturing process for its formation. Therefore, you need more proficient engineers for its productions.
  • Production Time: Production time is more than a single sided PCB due to its complexity.
Application of Double Sided Circuit Boards

This type of circuit board increases circuit density. They are more flexible as well. Almost all double sided PCB manufacturers use it in many electronic gadgets. Below is some remarkable use case of double-sided circuit boards:

  • HVAC and LED lighting
  • Traffic control system
  • Automotive dashboards
  • Control relays and Power conversion
  • Regulators and power supplies
  • To test and monitor different equipment
  • Printers and cellphone systems
  • Vending machines.
Design Consideration of Double Sided PCB

There is a lot of design considerations while making a double sided PCB board prototype. You should keep in mind during the entire manufacturing process.

  1. Board Constraints

First and foremost, you must look at the constraints associated with the board. For example, size, shape, and type of circuit boards.

  1. Material and Components

You need to choose material and components for circuit boards carefully. Efficiency and durability depend on components and material.

  1. Placement Order

Before you start manufacturing, define component placement order first. Otherwise, you will face many difficulties.

  1. Organization

Place your all components in an organized form. The logical organization is very important. It will reduce your manufacturing steps.

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