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Ryan is the senior electronic engineer at MOKO, with more than ten years of experience in this industry. Specializing in PCB layout design, electronic design, and embedded design, he provides electronic design and development services for customers in different fields, from IoT, LED, to consumer electronics, medical and so on.
Electronic manufacutirng companies

Nowadays even well-known original equipment manufacturer companies contract with electronic manufacturing companies for their devices. Though these companies specialize in designing, assembling, and producing printed circuit boards, there are still some pros and cons associated with outsourcing them. Therefore, we are going to discuss some useful strategies to help you choose the right electronic manufacturing services of these companies for your devices. By the end, you will also get an overview of world-famous companies in this industry.

How to choose electronic manufacturing companies

If you are going to choose an electronic manufacturing company for your device, there are a lot of companies worldwide that offer their services to their clients. It gets very difficult to differentiate between the best and the ordinary electronics manufacturers. Therefore, the following factors should be kept in mind while considering options:

Authorized Companies

While looking out for an electronic manufacturing company, the most important factor to trust is the license. The authorized and licensed companies always make sure to provide the best quality products to their customers.

Quality of PCB

While choosing any electronic manufacturer company, you must make sure the reliable quality of their PCBs. The quality of the PCB can be verified by the PCB inspection.

Company’s experience

The most important point while choosing the manufacturing company is the history, profile, and experience of the industry. They must cater to the complexities of the printed circuit board (PCB). Those companies that are well established and popular in the concerned industry can provide you the high-quality supplies. Usually, their specialization in aerospace, tech, and medical industry will matter a lot. They feel pride in what they design and what they produce. So, do not hesitate to ask about the experience, previous work projects, guarantees, and their charges.


While choosing any electronics manufacturer company, you can also consider the price ranges and packages the company offers.

Skills and abilities

When you arrive at the company, your ability to select something must be trustworthy. If the company does not present its visitors how it works, this may be a sign for you to back off. If you rely on them and take off the cost, then this demands a systematic approach that they have one or not.


Another most important thing is what type of tools, machinery, and technology does the company possess. Your requirement is the best manufacturing company that offers you the best electronic manufacturing services including the products, warranty, and performance.

Survey more than one company

You can start searching for the best manufacturing company by visiting their websites and discovering the details of this company. Moreover, you can visit at least three manufacturing companies, so you can select the best one after analyzing each of them.


Product testing is one of the important factors in choosing the electronic manufacturer company. You can not be satisfied by simply buying the product. Testing the product like PCBs and circuits should be your priority to ensure that each part is functional and working as you expected. Testing can help you in analyzing the major errors without causing you to waste your time and money.

Environmentally responsible

The best electronic manufacturing companies will always consider the environment while providing the equipment. You should be aware of whether a company is clear on its policies regarding the usage of dangerous substances while manufacturing electronics. Above all, the corporate social responsibility of any company clearly explains its terms of business.

The advantages of electronic manufacturing companies in China

Certainly, China has one of the largest electronics manufacturing companies in the world. China is one of the major hubs for contract manufacturing services around the globe for electronic manufacturing companies. Many companies are producing products for themselves in China. On the other hand, many companies are providing contract manufacturing services.
As a result of the trending industry, electronic manufacturing companies in china give a wide range of advantages having companies from the bottom tier to top tier involved. The whole system in China ranging from manufacturing to supply chain is very convenient and reliable for industries. Contractors from various sectors approach for bulk production of equipment either in parts or PCB circuits form.

Chinese electronic manufacturers can be selected easily using the standard parameters. The parameters involved can be the scope of activities, the range of certifications, competitive costs, technical capability, and other strengths.

Companies included in Chinese electronic manufacturing can be used for various purposes. Moreover, CEMs are often used to supply electronic components as per the demand of the customer. However, they can also provide sourcing or fabrication of PCBs as well. Additionally, they also cater assemblies of PBA by SMT or PTH/DIP along with testing.
Electronics Manufacturing companies in china provide an upper hand in cost reduction and source the exact needs for businesses. The cost advantage can be seen in areas of;
●PTH/DIP manual insertion.
●Systems and PBA testing, especially used for mobile phones, etc.
●Assembly using PBAs.
●Plastic or metal enclosure of the system.
●Specially customized packaging
●Reduced costs for small production batches.

Likewise, Chinese electronic manufacturer companies offer skilled services for a great advantage in the long run with buyer-seller relations. Among them, you will find companies having various technical capabilities with highly trained staff to work. The technical skills can involve;

●Placements of components in a precise manner.
●Components type that can be wired or soldered.
●Various types of testing including x-ray, fast in-circuit scanning, environmental test, and others.
●Availability of resources for specific testing.

Chinese electronic manufacturing companies possess a strong grip on the production, supply chain, and quality of the material. Some of the factors that are essential in evaluating strength involves;

●Incoming of components, inspection, and storage.
●Available inventory and balancing of forecast demand.
●Quality control record and analysis of monitored and each test is done.
●Processing by bar-code control
●Complete traceability of products from specific delivery to batch production.

In conclusion, Chinese electronic manufacturing services are a great deal for any kind of electronics manufacturing while saving a big deal for your company and product.

Top 10 Electronics Manufacturing Companies around the world

1. MOKO Technology

MOKO Technology Limited was established in 2006 in Shenzhen, a province of China. It has expertise in the field of manufacturing and assembly of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB). The company holds ISO9001:2015, ROHS certification and is UL registered. PCB assembly is carried out on five high-speed SMT PCBA lines, that are manufactured by Yamaha and Sony.
MOKO technology with a daily manufacturing capacity of 1000 Sq. Meters can produce up to 100 million PCB units every month. Furthermore, MOKO technology offers services in the areas of PCB design and layout, hardware design, firmware and software development, and personalization as well.
Certainly, MOKO technology has an upper end on other companies based on its operations ensuring a quick service for everyone to meet business needs. MOKO technology provides advantage with;
1.Free PCB files, samples, and developed boards.
2.It allows you to focus on your business.
3.An efficient and fast delivery.
4.A complete industrial chain.
5.Technical and engineering support.
6.Continuous feedback system.
7.Online tracking.
8.Best competitive costing.

2. Flex Ltd.

Flex ltd., a company based in Singapore is one of the top manufacturers for PCB. The company has captured a market capitalization of more than 7 billion dollars in the industry. The company is well-reputed and is one of the renowned companies for their work.
Flex ltd. is actively providing services for PCB manufacturing and design. The company is actively providing its services for microelectronics and robotics. The company operated from Singapore is supplying PCB equipment globally.

3. SigmaTron International, Inc.

SigmaTron International, Inc. is a multinational company with a global network of facilities in the United States of America, China, Vietnam, and Mexico. The company is one of the top manufacturers of PCB equipment and provides an edge of a more efficient delivery mechanism with its spread network.
The company is providing its services for diversified clientele in various industries. The industries being supplied with PCB by SigmaTron includes consumer electronics, automotive, industrial electronics and telecommunication, etc.

4. NextPCB

NextPCB, a company with a proven track record of excellence for a period of over 15 years is among the top manufacturers for PCB. The company offers its services as a one-stop for manufacturing and assembly of PCB. The company provides services for prototypes along with small and big scale production.
The NextPCB carries on the whole process on itself including sourcing of components, PCB manufacturing, assembly and testing with final delivery. Intending to become the easiest company for PCB manufacturing ensures the quality of its services. The company is one of the affordable companies for PCB manufacturing.

5. Advanced Circuits

Advanced Circuits is one of the top manufacturers for PCB with a claim to be the 3rd largest manufacturer in the United States. The company provides services for PCB manufacturing and assembly. The company is well known for the services they offer.
Advanced Circuits also offer other PCB manufacturing services apart from conventional PCB manufacturing. The company offers its services for laser-drilled microvias, RF boards, and cavity boards as well.

6. SMTC Corporation

SMTC Corporation is a mid-sized manufacturing company with a network of facilities spanning in the United States of America, China, and Mexico. The company is ranked among one of the top manufacturers for PCB and is well known for its services.
The company provides its services about PCB prototyping, electronic manufacturing, enclosure fabrication, systems integration, and many others. With a global network of facilities, the company is reliable for quick services for the clients.

7. IEC Electronics Corp.

IEC Electronics Corporation is one of the top PCB manufacturers worldwide. The company has a market capital close to 60 million USD with its base in New-York. The company is serving clients globally with quality PCB manufacturing.
The company is manufacturing PCB for several industries and also offers the design services of PCB. The company is in business for many years and also provides other services related to PCB including testing services and identification services for faulty or flawed electronic parts.

8. TTM Technologies

TTM Technologies, a company with a major contribution to PCB manufacturing and design. It holds a high capital in the market for their quality and reliable services of PCB. The company has also invested heavily in a wide range of PCB turnkey solutions.
The company offers its services for testing of PCB and has extended its services to flex PCB manufacturing. The quick and quality process of the company has made them able to hold its position among the top manufacturers for years.

9. Murrietta Circuits

Murrietta Circuits, one of the well-known manufacturers for PCB are among the top manufacturer list. The company with an experience of nearly 40 years in the specific field of PCB holds a major capital in the market.
The company specializes in the manufacturing of PCB for the military, aerospace and medical industry. Murrietta Circuits also offers services for PCB designing, production, and product testing. The company with years of experience is a nutshell in the industry of PCB manufacturers.

10. Benchmark Electronics

One of the well-known names in the manufacturing of PCB is Benchmark Electronics. The company offers its services for global client networks for PCB designing, manufacturing and assembly. The company holds billions of dollars of capital in the market share.
The company is believed to be headed towards achieving the status of concomitant with their name. The company also offers its services for the testing of PCB and fabrication as well. The company with an extended network is keeping up the pace to stand its ground in the top manufacturers’ list.

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Ryan is the senior electronic engineer at MOKO, with more than ten years of experience in this industry. Specializing in PCB layout design, electronic design, and embedded design, he provides electronic design and development services for customers in different fields, from IoT, LED, to consumer electronics, medical and so on.
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