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Is there any standard size in custom PCB manufacturing?

What’s important to the PCB manufacturer is not the size of the individual board, but the size of the panel it will be made in. That is to say, typically PCBs are made with multiple images on a panel, and then cut apart either before delivery or after component assembly.

  • Shop we know offers 18 x 24 inches as a standard size. And, yes, there are semi-standard panel sizes.

There are lots of other sizes available. so if 18 x 24 doesn’t work for you, contact your shop to see what else they offer.

  • If the total area of your order is less than the smallest panel your vendor can handle, you’ll end up paying for some waste.
  • If you try to absolutely maximize the usage of a panel, your supplier is likely to run one extra panel to allow them to still deliver your order.If there’s insufficient area for one whole PCB, again, you’ll spend a small amount of money on this extra panel.
  • If you design your board to fit (for example) 12 to a panel, and then only order 10 boards, you’re likely to get about the best pricing you can hope for.

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Oliver Smith

Oliver is an experienced electronics engineer skilled in PCB design, analog circuits, embedded systems, and prototyping. His deep knowledge spans schematic capture, firmware coding, simulation, layout, testing, and troubleshooting. Oliver excels at taking projects from concept to mass production using his electrical design talents and mechanical aptitude.

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