PCB Assembly

What are the possible reasons that a PCB doesn’t work?

  • Mistakes in making of schematics: Miss out net names off-page connectors and interconnection is one of the most frequent mistakes. You should check them carefully. What’s more, if there is a wrong wire connecting and bad wire crossing over each other, your schematics still be malfunctional.
  • Shorting in PCB tracks, traces, pads, and obstacles: Basically, there should be no shorting between power and ground check, Then, you are required to check any stick to proper clearance and track spacing.
  • Power to the Components: Ensure the right polarity connection and ready IC socket connection.
  • Proceed with PCB Assembly section by section
  • No conduction via through hole: Often there is no conduction via through-hole if the plated through home is not proper. In such a case, it is advisable to solder the IC pin on both layers.

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Oliver Smith

Oliver is an experienced electronics engineer skilled in PCB design, analog circuits, embedded systems, and prototyping. His deep knowledge spans schematic capture, firmware coding, simulation, layout, testing, and troubleshooting. Oliver excels at taking projects from concept to mass production using his electrical design talents and mechanical aptitude.

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