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Why are there teardrops on PCB pads?

There are primarily two reasons to use teardrops:

  1. It avoids a pocket (where the trace meets the pad) that could collect acid from the PCB etching process which would later do bad things.
  2. It reduces mechanical & thermal stress resulting in less hairline cracks in the trace.

That being said, in professionally made PCB’s teardrops are rarely needed. It’s almost more of an aesthetic thing than a solution to a real problem. I’ve done many boards with and without teardrops and I have yet to notice a difference. In my opinion, they are more trouble than they are worth.


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Oliver Smith

Oliver is an experienced electronics engineer skilled in PCB design, analog circuits, embedded systems, and prototyping. His deep knowledge spans schematic capture, firmware coding, simulation, layout, testing, and troubleshooting. Oliver excels at taking projects from concept to mass production using his electrical design talents and mechanical aptitude.

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