We are the top china PCB manufacturer from low to mass production. MOKO Technology coordinates the whole process which includes manufacturing, design, assembly, testing and finally shipment. You got a real product according to your design.

China PCB manufacturer

MOKO Technology is a China PCB manufacturer and UL certified company with the file number (E501497). MOKO fabricates 2 to 50 layers PCB which includes rigid, Flex HDI, and Rigid-flex boards. From small to mass production, high quality and low-cost production is our main focus. Moreover, we are manufacturing 400,000 pieces and 30,000 square meters of PCB board manufacturer in china per month. We are one of the top China PCB manufacturers and our professional team mainly focuses on quality control. Our factory has the latest high-level equipment and we bought our core machines from mainstream companies. In short, our quality, management, and core machinery are good as first-class PCB board manufacturer in china.

Types of PCB fabrication and service

Single-Sided PCB

It is also known as single layer PCB. They are circuit boards that comprise base or substrate surface. They are very famous for hobbyist and the production of these is simple and cheap. Because of this, it is suitable. Single sided means, all components and parts are placed on one side of the board. However, these boards are widely useful in simple electronics. For complex projects, they show limits.

Double-Sided PCB

These are similar to the single sided PCB and have electronic components on both sides of the substrate. In double-sided boards, electronic components embed with two methods: through-hole or surface mount technology. Therefore, the process which allows directly soldering the component into the board is surface mount technology. In comparison, by hand drilling holes into the board and connects the components by soldering. Further, the surface mount has advantages such as more tasks, fast performance, and less weight.

Multi-Layer PCB

According to the need and applications, the multi layer can be developed which consists of three or more layers. The separation of layers uses insulating material. Likewise, in the double-layer and multi-layer board, there are two methods: surface mount and through-hole. Specially, these multi layers boards have 3 – 10 layers depending on electronic applications.  Medical equipment and also servers use multi layer boards. MOKO Technology is the best company for multi-layer PCB board manufacturer in china.

To summarize, various advantages of multi-layered are below.

  • Small size
  • Lightweight
  • High quality
  • Increased durability
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Single connection point

Aluminum-Backed PCB

Aluminum backed PCB is also popular because of aluminum or copper surface. They give several advantages over fiberglass board. Due to this, Aluminum backed PCB is very useful for high performance.
These advantages include:

It shows better thermal efficiency and can easily emit the heat away from the circuit. Aluminum backed PCB cools faster than other PCB. The improvement in thermal and heat dispersion, this type of board is helpful for complex projects.

Moreover, the greater durability and lower cost; for complex and heavy-duty performance. Hence, the aluminum-backed PCB is more durable than the fiber glass PCB. They can reduce the damage and also cheap. In short, Aluminum is the only metal on the earth which is easily mined. Its processing is also very easy. However, Aluminum boards are also non-toxic and environment friendly. So, they can save more energy and easily recycled.

Rigid PCB

In general, the solid substrate is used for the fabrication of Rigid PCB. This reduces the flexibility and bending of the board. So, the life of the components increases. The environmental damage also reduces. In the latest era motherboard is the best example of these PCBs. Especially, they also produce low electronic noise. Rigid PCB board manufacturer in china are focusing on quality, price and durability.

It is very useful for different works such as:

  • File server and data storage
  • Satellite
  • Atomic and nuclear system
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace

Flexible PCB

This type of PCB is a printing on flexible substrates and comes in various designs like single, double and multi-layer PCB. The substrate fits itself into various places to reduce the damage of components. Flexible PCB are expensive as compare to Rigid PCB board. The applications where weight and space are very important, Flexible PCB are useful. Bulky and heavy components replace with Flexible PCB. It requires less space for the assembly. Flexible PCB board manufacturer in china are tracing the circuit with graphene like material which is suitable for flexible substrate.

Rigid-Flex PCB

The combination of rigid and flexible PCB is Rigid-Flex PCB. Multiple layers of flexible PCB attach to rigid PCB layers to make this. It has various advantages of flexible ad rigid PCB. It has fewer parts such as wiring of both circuits embedded on a single board. The design has low cost and weight. It can be manufactured to handle vibrations, shock, and other industrial conditions. It also fabricated without connectors, joints and contact crimps. Hence, this adds to its reliability and integrity when used for the required applications.

Our Production Equipment

One of the innovators in the printed circuit boards fabrication and designing. we always motivated to cope up with the ever-advancing pace of technology. Mostly the PCB board manufacturer in china is focus on mass production. But PCB facility at MOKOT Technology is recently advanced with the latest equipment to meet the needs of research and development activities of MOKO Technology and other organizations.

Moreover, the following upgrade equipment is below:

  • Fully automatic inspection machine
  • Etching Line
  • CNC Drilling Machine line
  • Automatic Optical Inspection line
  • Electroplating production line
  • Exposure Machine Line
  • Forming Machine
  • Copper sink line
PCB Fabrication Service Etchingline

Etching line

PCB Manufacturer Service Machine line

Automatic Optical Inspection line

PCB Manufacturer Service CNC

CNC Drilling Machine line

PCB Manufacturer Service-Copper sink line

Copper sink line

PCB Manufacturer Service

Electroplating production line

PCB Manufacturer Service-Exposure Machine Line

Exposure Machine Line

PCB Fabrication Service

Forming Machine

PCB Fabrication Service Machine

Fully automatic inspection machine

Why Choose MOKO Technology

In brief, we are one of the top China PCB manufacturer, offer high quality service which includes layout software, PCB Artist and necessary tool for DFM PCB files. MOKOT also provides hand-on customer service for each small and large order. We also provide an online ERP and Quoting system for customers, which is helpful and very easy to use. Hence, our professional teams with 70 Engineers, 24/7 contact access, and advanced technology of PCB turns the customer toward China PCB manufacturer (MOKOT Technology).

24*7 Contact Access

24*7 Contact Access

Pro Team with 45 Sales & 70 Engineers

Pro Team with 45 Sales & 70 Engineers

Decent On-Time Shipping Track Record

Decent On-Time Shipping Track Record

No Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ) Required

No Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ) Required

DOD Contracts Ready / ITAR Registered

DOD Contracts Ready / ITAR Registered

Space & Flight Approved PCB Supplier

Space & Flight Approved PCB Supplier

Same Day & Weekend Turns

Same Day & Weekend Turns

UL approved ROHS compliant PCBs

UL approved ROHS compliant PCBs

Main Specification of PCB Manufacturing

Layer 1 – 50 layer
Material FR-4, CEM-1, CEM-3, High TG, FR4 Halogen Free, FR-1, FR-2, Aluminum
Board Thickness 0.2mm – 7mm
Max. finished board side 500mm * 500mm
Min. drilled hole size 0.25mm
Min. line width 0.075mm (3mil)
min. line spacing 0.075mm (3mil)
Surface Finish/Treatment HALS/HALS lead free, Chemical tin, Chemical Gold, Immersion gold Immersion
Copper Thickness 0.5 – 4.0 oz
Solder Mask Color green/black/white/red/blue/yellow
Hole Tolerance PTH: ±0.075, NTPH: ±0.05
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