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Metal injection molding, also known as “powdered injection molding”, is a metal forming technique that applies injection mold machines to manufacture metal parts with various shapes to tight tolerances. It can produce metal parts in large quantities one time by simple steps, as there are multiple cavities in the injection machine, but the limitation is that the quantities of products per “shot” should not be over 100 grams, so metal injection molding is the best choice for making small metal items. It is much popular, and the finished metal components are used in many industries and applications such as electronics, automotive, aerospace and so on.

MOKO Technology offers one-stop injection molding solutions, we can turn your idea of the project into a feasible solution and finally form a market-competitive product. Our in-house manufacturing ensures that all steps during fabrication are tightly controlled to guarantee the best quality of our products, MOKO is your go-to partner for metal injection projects.

Why Choosing MOKO Technology for Metal Injection Molding?

Quality Assurance

We have obtained certifications including ISO9001:2015, ISO14001, ISO13485, ROHS, BSCI, and UL, our metal injection molding process and products are qualified to international standards. We have the capabilities to produce metal parts with tiny tolerance, and the first-class equipment and professional quality control department to make sure that the products our customer receive are top-tier.

Experienced Engineers

Our engineers have rich experience  who can give professional suggestions about your projects and optimize the design of your 3D CAD if there is some problem, so the solution can be more workable and cost-effective.

Premium Quality

MOKO has obtained certifications including ISO9001:2015, ISO14001, ISO13485, ROHS, BSCI, and UL, which means our manufacturing process and products can meet the international standards.  You are free of the quality problem, our strict quality control department can make sure that the products our customers receive are top-tier.

High Efficiency

MOKO pays much attention to evolving fabrication processes and injection molding techniques, making sure our injection mold services are effective and economical. Our in-house production and advanced injection molding equipment can improve the efficiency of production, and  our employees are well-trained and experienced who know how to work and communicate with clients efficiently.

Metal Injection Molding Product Display

Metal Injection Molding Product One
Metal Injection Molding Product Two
Metal Injection Molding Product Three
Metal Injection Molding Product Four
Metal Injection Molding Product Five
Metal Injection Molding Product Six

How Does Metal Injection Molding Work?

1. Mixing

The raw materials of metal injection molding are metal powders and thermoplastic binder, the powder can decide the properties of the final metal injection molded products, as the binder is just an intermediate processing aid and need to be removed once the injection molding is finished. And the mixed material is called feedstock, which is normally formed with granule sizes of several millimeters.

2. Injection Molding

The feedstock would be injected into the injection machine, it can be molded to different shapes ranging from simple to complex shapes, and we call the molded part as the “green part”, which would be taken out of the mold when it cools enough.

3. Debinding

This step can remove the binder by using different methods, for example, we can use a catalytic process or thermal furnaces. This process can only remove part of the binder, there is still some binder in the parts that can be removed totally in the following sintering process, which is a method to form and compact materials by using pressure and heat.

4. Sintering

The sintering process can eliminate the pore volume that is occupied by the binder before, so there would be a linear shrinkage of about 15-20% of the metal injection molding parts. And the sintered metal parts can be processed further by using some traditional metal processing methods like heat treatments that are used for casting components.

How Does Metal Injection Molding Work

The Advantages of Metal Injection Molding Work

Large Production Volumes

There are many cavities in one injection molding machine, which means it can manufacture a lot of products at one time. In addition, the mold can be used repeatedly, so it can manufacture metal components in large volumes, from hundreds to thousands. Metal injection molding is a perfect technique for projects with huge quantities.

Nice Surface Finish

The surface of metal injection molded products is smooth, there are no burrs or tooling marks on the surface, which can save a lot of time as no secondary processing is needed.

Versatile Shapes Supported

Metal injection molding can mold metal parts with a variety of shapes, no matter how complex the shape is. What’s more, the shape and sizes are very accurate as the pressure to inject the material into the mold is high enough to make sure it can fill the mold in every corner.

Minimal Metal Waste

During the process of metal injection, the metal waste is less except when mold production and debinding. There is no need to cut away excess material once injecting the feedstock into the mold, so it is also a very environmental technique.

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